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Is the rolling DeWalt Rolling Miter Saw Stand going to suit your needs? I’ve poked around the web and found what others are saying about the saw stand, what they like and don’t like, how effective it is at work and how it compares with other stands.

Why The Need For A Rolling Miter Saw Stand

Miter saws are heavy, the good ones are at least, to use effectively they require a decent miter saw stand and some grunt to move them about. Over the years as a handyman, I’ve often been in the situation where I needed to use my miter saw both in the workshop and out on job sites, typically building furniture in the workshop and decks out on job sites. The DeWalt Rolling Miter Saw Stand is perfect for on-the-go work solutions.

So moving the miter saw from the workshop bench to the job site required using a made-up saw table consisting of two adjustable height work platforms and a scaffold plank. At this point, I’ve had to clamp the plank to the platform tables and screw the miter saw to the plank, a basic miter saw stand with a lot of heavy lifting and messing about.

This Is a situation where this DeWalt rolling miter saw stand would have saved me tons of time and effort. Having the ability to have the power tool attached to a portable stand on wheels would have been a game-changer at the time.

The DeWalt rolling miter saw stand with the saw attached full time would have effectively combined the workshop jobs and site jobs into one portable unit.

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Compatible Miter Saws

This DeWalt rolling miter saw stand can be used with other than DeWalt miter saws but I don’t expect this would include all other saws. Some obscure brands may not fit however the mounting rails have a wide range of adjustments so it will adapt to most any Miter saw brand.

Some brands that people have used include the 12” porter cable miter saw, the 12 in Kobalt sliding miter saw, 12 inch Skill miter saw, Craftsman 10″ sliding compound miter saw, Hitachi miter saws, and the 12 inch Bosch saw. It is most compatible with all DeWalt miter saws including 10 and 12 compound double bevel sliding  Saws.

Depending on which saw you attach to the stand, it’s attached using a bolt-on system and doesn’t utilize the quick connect setup that is available on the DeWalt Dwx-723, and Dwx-724 saw stands.

This may be seen as a downside to some, however, I would imagine most people will only have one machine to attach anyway so it’s not really a big deal. Bolt-up systems are more positive in my opinion, the last thing you want is a rouge miter saw from poor fixings.

All the same, removal of the saw is relatively easy if required and you are able to leave your saw attached when not being used. and the DeWalt rolling miter saw stand will still fold easily and store well upright with the machine bolted on.

Which Other Power Tools Can Be Attached To The Stand

There has been some talk in various forums about the ability to fix a 10-inch job site table saw to this stand, and from what I gather some people have been able to do so. Having said that Dewalt has said that this saw stand Is not suitable to use with a table saw as it’s not deep enough and therefore don’t recommend it.

The DeWalt rolling miter saw stand is higher and not as wide as a custom table saw stand such as the Dewalt DW7440RS, so I suspect that the saw stand would be somewhat unstable with a table saw on top. Safety first folks!

dewalt thickness planerThe plus side is that It is possible to fix a planner to the DeWalt rolling miter saw stand. While there isn’t a bracket on the saw for a planer Its simply a matter of cutting a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to suit the size of your planner.

Cut the timber an extra 4 inches wider than your planner and bolt this to the saw stand mounting brackets, then bolt the planer to the plywood. Ensure that the stand’s rollers are parallel with the cutter head and planer rollers.

Assembly And Storage

dewaltdwx726The assembly out of the box for this beast takes about 1/2 to one hour to complete and is straightforward enough with reasonably good instructions.

There has been some feedback from others in relation to storage. Much of the literature available suggests that the saw stand can be stored folded down, in a vertical position with the miter saw still attached. To some, this has not been the case

One of the great features of the stand is the pneumatic-assisted raising and lowering, there are three position settings and the pneumatic assist won’t bust your back. Lifting and lowering a 70-pound saw is relatively effortless and will lock nicely in place.

Construction and Specifications

This Dewalt Rolling Miter Saw and Planer Stand is designed to be moved easily around the workshop or job site. The key features being;

  • Wide rubber wheels and a folding frame.
  • The frame is made from powder-coated tubular steel and is capable of handling 300 lbs.
  • Utilizes adjustable mounting rails which will adapt to most top brand miter saws.
  • Also compatible with most portable thickness planers.
  • Adjustable work supports caters for holding materials up to 8 ft.
  • Built solid and sturdy.
  • Pneumatic-assisted, 3-position  for lifting and lowering.

DeWalt DWX-726 Miter Saw Stand Wrap Up

Overall the DeWalt rolling miter saw stand received 73% great reviews with another 18% giving great reviews but with a small concern. The other 9% were in the unsatisfied bracket.

What people don’t like. Most of the unfavorable reviews seemed to be around the stand not opening or closing properly, either jamming or basically not operating as it should. Some report that although it can be tricky to collapse, there is a technique in getting it to fold and unfold as it should.

One other concern is that the saw stands support rollers aren’t up to scratch if you intend to cut heavy timber. They are basically not up to handling the weight. The solution to this is to add extra support stands for cutting the heavy stuff. This I would think most people would do anyway. It would be folly to think these rollers are gutsy enough to take a lot of weight.

Tip: to fold the saw table, after pressing the lever, pull up a little to help release the folding mechanism.

Another concern was that it was too heavy with the saw attached and cumbersome to move around. Hello!  These things are heavy and cumbersome regardless of the make and model.

What people like. One of the main comments for the was the convenience of a roll-up folding stand, plus easy to wheel around and store will fit multiple types of miter saw, well priced compared to other stands, Very stable and built well.

If the DeWalt stand is not up to your specifications, then you may want to check out the Bosh Gravity Rise stand, this also gets great reviews from owners.

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