DeWalt miter saw stand – DWX723 Review

DeWalt miter saw stand - DWX723

Once upon a time I used to set up my own miter saw stand on two workhorses or trestle benches and a plank between them with the mitre saw screwed to it. What a pain in the ass that set-up was!.. Having a factory made miter saw stand like the DWX723 now not only saves me heaps of time as far as job site setup goes.  Now I’m also more productive and to cap it off the whole setup DeWalt have designed is a joy to use.

DW723 DeWalt miter saw stand may be the solution to anyone who still uses the un-safe and cumbersome DIY miter saw stand. As there are several good value stands available and we all have different requirements for our jobs or workshop, let us go over and see what this DW723 DeWalt miter saw stand has to offer.

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What Are The Key Features Of The DWX723 DeWalt Miter Saw Stand

The DWX723 DeWalt miter saw stand is a convenient beast when it compared to other stands.

Folding away to the body of the stand for easy storage and the opening and setup couldn’t be easier, just lay it down and snap the legs into position. The leg locks ensure that the frame is sturdy and secure. The stand is capable of handling up to 500 lbs in weight.

Attaching your miter saw couldn’t be easier and this quick release bracket has to be one of the best systems on the miter saw stand available. The brackets that come with the saw are bolted to your miter saw and incorporate a quick release feature that lets you quickly attach and remove your miter saw from the stand in no time at all.

Thie dwx723 stand is an ideal tool for anyone in the construction or woodworking industry. Particularly great for DIY purposes as it can be set up and stowed away in minutes. Many DIY guys and gals have limited workshop space or just a garage to work in so this is just the ticket for those purposes. Some DIY’ers may prefer the DeWalt rolling miter saw stand.

Which Saws Can be Used With The Stand.

dwx724 miter saw standThere really are no limits to the type or brand of miter saw you can use with the DeWalt miter saw stand, the universal mounting design will work with all brands of miter saws.

If you did have a miter saw that perhaps won’t fit, this is easily overcome by mounting a plywood board to the brackets and then fixing the saw to the plywood base. The Instruction leaflet contains information on how to do this.

While not recommended, some people have even mounted a small table saw to the stand. I do feel the setup would be unstable and this isn’t recommended by the manufacturer but has been done none the less. While the brackets don’t accommodate the table saw directly, this is overcome by bolting 3/4 plywood to the mounting brackets and in turn bolting the saw table to the plywood. Dewalt do offer a different stand to accommodate table saws.

One other advantage this stand offers is that you aren’t limited to using just one tool with this stand. You are also able to buy extra workstation tool mounting brackets, Dewalt DW7231. So should you wish to add another tool to the stand you can do so without removing the miter saw brackets that are attached to your saw.

The advantage of having an extra pair of brackets gives the ability to easily switch power tools or other machines when you need more than one tool for any particular project.

Other tools you might add include, jointers, bench grinders, routers, vices, planers, small drill press or even just a flat surface like a bench top to work on. You also could add more than one tool at a time should you have more than one bracket.

The quick attach mounting brackets are one of the best things about this miter saw stand.

What Are The Longest Lengths That Can Be Cut On This Saw Bench

The complete stand overall length comes in at five and a half feet, (70″). The extension arms, when pulled out the supports can accommodate up to sixteen feet (151″). The end stops have flip-up tabs that can be used in the stop position so you can accurately cut timber at predetermined lengths, or they can be left in a folded down position for random cutting.

This doesn’t mean we are limited to sixteen feet as with additional end supports you could cut virtually any length you wish. DeWalt also has accessories in this regard and offer Two different wide support extensions. These stands are available in two parts, the stand itself DEWALT DW7028 Miter Saw Stand Extension Support, this is adjustable from between 21 inches to 37 inches. It also and can be used on uneven and even surfaces.

There are two support bracket accessories to choose from, the first which is the same as the supports that come with the saw stand only wider at 15 inches. DEWALT DW7029  Support and Stop. The second support available is the DEWALT DW7027 Wide Roller Support, this design has two rollers but no flip-up stop ends.

The stand is made from aluminum extruded sections so its very lightweight coming in at a mere 29 pounds. Compared to other stands reviewed the DeWalt stand is about 20% lighter.

What comes in the Box

You get the main DWX723 miter saw stand and legs, two saw mounting brackets and two work stops / work supports, assembly instructions. The box is about 6 feet long so is best either picked up with a pickup truck or station wagon or, getting it home delivered.

What We Do Like and Don’t Like About This Stand.

Do – While at first glance it doesn’t look so tough, It is solid and sturdy with the miter saw attached, also because it’s reasonably heavy it does feel safe. The extension arms are also strong and sturdy.

Do – For those who have limited space and those weekend woodwork warriors, the ability to quickly set up and store away the tool is fantastic, folded up it takes up very little space. The underside carry handle makes it easy to move either to garage storage or for lifting into a work vehicle.

Do – The saw stops let you set and forget for multiple cuts of timber the same length, have no issues with accuracy as the stops didn’t move in the test.

Do – The angle of the legs is reliable so there’s little chance of any tilting or walking while working. – Stop brackets could be a little wider, but really I’m nitpicking.

Don’t – The extensions don’t have a squaring system such as a detent in line with the saw cutting face. This can be overcome if needed by fixing your own or clamping a block of wood to the extension bracket. The easiest way to keep a square is to use the face of the miter saw itself.

I’ve found that I’m not the only one who did without a dedicated miter saw stand for so long, many contractors and handymen have discovered that this is a tool well worth having.

Don’t – Some people have complained that it is too heavy, but any stand of quality needs to have some solidity to it. Seriously, these things are not toys.

Final Word

In all honesty, It’s hard to find fault with the DeWalt miter saw stand – DWX723, some people have issues in the overall reviews but really they are minor and few, mostly about weight and the stop bracket extensions. The majority of people reviews are, love it, get one!

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