Bosch Miter Saw Stand Review -The Portable Gravity Rise T4B

bosch gravity rise miter saw stand

One of the tools I couldn’t do without in my workshop is a miter saw, which really is the most versatile tools of all.

Having a sturdy miter saw platform such as the Bosch Miter Saw Stand Portable Gravity-Rise T4B, is also on my top 10 list for the workshop must-haves. Not only do we need to have a sturdy platform to cut from but also stability as a safety concern.

A miter saw blades friend is a piece of lumber, not a part of your anatomy!

In my home workshop, I do have a purpose built workbench that accommodates my miter saw. But as I work as a handyman having a portable, rolling saw stand also gives me the versatility to take my workspace to the job if and when I need to.

In this review, we outline what we like and don’t like about the Bosch Miter Saw Stand, and we will go over what others have had to say about their experiences with the tool.

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On first impressions, this bosh miter saw stand looks kind of complicated in its construction compared to other rolling miter bosch gravity risesaw stands. The reality is that the Bosch gravity wise T4B is very easy to use and has had a lot of thought put into its clever design.

Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise™ Miter Saw Stand

Bosch has used the same design using its patented gravity wise system, in building their table saw stand. To me if a saw table can be used on the same frame, then a miter saw, being much lighter will definitely hold up on this frame.

Who Is The Bocsh Miter Saw Stand Suited For?

Those of us who really enjoy making, building and repairing things around the home, having a sound sawbench or work stand for your miter saw is essential. But for a lot of Diy’ers having a full workshop with workbench big enough to accommodate a miter saw is sometimes not practical where space is concerned.

The next logical solution is the purpose-built saw stand. The Bocsh miter saw stand is one of several options that will definitely suit the needs on both Diy folks and the professional carpenter, woodworker or shopfitter. This machine stand is great for those who need to set up a workspace when needed, especially if you are limited in the area you have to work in.

Others have different concerns as far as the need for a movable miter saw stand. Contractors working on the job site will find that the Bosch miter saw stand is a handy and practical tool for getting set up and working quickly.

Time is money here and to mess about setting up a makeshift saw stand is just crazy when there are better options available. Any type of portable mitre saw stand will pay for itself after only a few jobs.

There are of course other options as far as miter saw stands go, such as the Portamate or DeWalts fold up stands. These are fine if you can leave the saw stand set up as a semi-permanent fixture and have the space to do so. While not so easy to move around the certainly do have a place, they especially suited as a permanent stand in your workshop.

However, if you are stretched for space the Bosch gravity rise stand allows the miter saw to stay attached and to be folded away and wheeled to your storage area. This type of stand is perfect for the weekend warrior who works from within the garage or needs to work in an outside area. The stand will easily fit through a standard 36″ door frame.

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What Others Are Saying

The majority of user reviews are positive with ratings of between four and five stars. Those that aren’t so happy appear to have had issues with assembly instructions, damaged packaging in transit, or parts missing from boxes that appeared to have been opened previously. Very few comments have been for poor quality or experience with faulty parts.

On the positive side, and these outweigh the negatives by far. Many say that they should have purchased one of these years ago. Others have found that the working height is great, mobility is easy, makes the saw easier to work with, long support arms are great when working on longer materials such as trim moldings.

As far as the weight handling ability of the frame goes, operators have had no problems cutting heavier timbers, include 2 x 8s, 2 x 10s and 2 x 12s, even 6 x 6 x 8 lumber.

What Are The Main Features For This Saw Platform

  • The saw mounting system allows fitting of all major miter saw brands
  • Super quick set-up using the snap-on mounting brackets.
  • Award-winning Gravity-Rise system
  • Sliding supports lets you work with up to 18 feet of material
  • leveling legs are adjustable for uneven surfaces.
  • Heavy duty 8-inch pneumatic wheels for safe and effortless moving.
  • Saw mounting uses a rapid release brackets to quickly attach or remove the saw from the stand.

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Construction Overview and specifications.

The gravity rise system of the Bosch miter saw stand comprises of technology that assists the setup and breaks down faster than most wheeled saw stand on the market.  The scissoring motion lets the table rise and collapse with considerable ease and once locked gives a solid stable working platform.

Made from heavy-gauge steel and aluminum the saw stand is not overly light weighing in at 91.5 pounds. For me, such a stand should be of solid construction and anything to light I would question its integrity. Once you add the saw to the stand, depending on what saw you have the weight obviously increases some.

However from what others are saying in regards to weight, once the stand and saw are paired the system is easy to move about and actually feels light. I would hesitate to throw the whole thing into the back of a pickup on my own though, you could do yourself an injury here. Perhaps the use of a ramp would help here.

Final Overview of The Bosch Miter Saw Stand T4B

The Price; Compared to other stands on the market this is on the higher side and at writing, they are about $300.00 and up. The main competition would be the DeWalt rolling stand, Protocol equipment, and Toughbuilt stand. These go from about $175 up tp $300 also.

Putting it Together; Good enough Instructions, Typically you need to read and understand the instructions. This is usually where people come unstuck and complain, they assume they know what’s involved and forge ahead without reading! Assembly will take about an hour, no rush. If you get stuck there’s always youtube videos to fall back on.

Construction. Very sturdy and stable, easily leveled on uneven surfaces with rubber mounted adjusting feet. Made from steel

tube and angle steel, not aluminum.

Main Features; The best feature would have to be the gravity rise system. To be able to fold up a saw stand with the saw attached, and wheel it away is very cool. To unlock and raise to the working position only requires you to guide the process as the gravity rise system does the heavy lifting.

The support rail extensions for this stand, from what I gather offer the best expansion length out of all the portable miter saw stands on the market, coming at a whopping 18 feet. The DeWalt rolling saw stand for example extends to only 16 feet. For anyone who works with long lengths such as skirting boards or flooring having 18 feet of support is a real advantage.

The pneumatic 8-inch rubber wheels offer more scope to navigate rough or sandy ground, as opposed to the dewalt rolling stand which has solid wheels.

Reliability; The unit is solid and I expect this will give many years of dependable service. Bocsh has been around forever and the goods they make are certainly well engineered.

Summary And Conclusion

From what I have found via forums and other reviews the  Gravity-Rise T4B  Bocsh Miter Saw Stand has been voted the Best Versatile Miter Saw Stand. Combined with the gravity rise system, with its ease of operation plus the ability of the frame to handle 18 feet of timber, we can understand the reason for its popularity.

While the stand is priced a little higher than the competition it can be justified by the quality of the build. The big picture appears to be that the Bocsh miter saw stand is likely to be a tool that will go the distance, therefore, the price tag reflects this.

The question to ask is will be spending an extra $100 on a more pricey item give more value in the long term. If this is something that you will use once every 6 months then its probably not for you. Conversely, if you need the portability and versatility of a tool that gets used often then this is worth investing in.

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