Save Phace Welding Helmet Review 2021

save phace welding mask

Save Phace Gen X Welding Helmet

A cool helmet that exceeds ANSI, CE, AUS/Nz, and CSA standards.

save phase welding helmet

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Save Phace 3010288 Chameleon Gen-X series Save Phace welding helmet is a welding mask that is made from high heat and high impact Nylon material for a high-quality experience and excellent level performance. It requires 1 lithium battery to operate for long periods of time.

Save Phace Welding helmet comes with a fully assembled lens anchor set that also has killer graphics for complete convenience. On top of that, Save Phace 3010288 welding helmet is the lightest helmet in the world.


Save Phace welding helmet has a product dimension of 8 x 8 x 10 inches. It has a wide viewing area of 23 square inches that is the 2nd largest in the world.

Benefits & Features

The 3010288 Chameleon Gen-X Series welding mask unit features a 180-degree automatic darkening filtering (ADF) holder lens with a #10 shade. It is a high-quality ADF shade 3/10 that has a 2-year warranty so you can change it if it doesn’t work.

When it comes to visual clarity, Save Phace won’t disappoint you. It features a large viewing area that is considered the world’s 2nd largest viewing area for welding helmets. Given that the screen is wide, it doesn’t hold up so much weight, thus, it is lightweight.

In terms of convenience, the Save Phace helmet also has it. It comes completely assembled for immediate use making it the best option for beginners so they won’t need to assemble it and consume much of their time.

Having it fully assembled is not only time-saving but it also provides assurance to the user that it is completely safe and reliable.

Save Phace welding helmet is very comfortable to use. It has a 9 point high-quality adjustable halo headgear with a replaceable sweat absorbent headband so it doesn’t soak up sweat too much even if you use it all throughout the day.

What is more, it also comes with a free helmet stylish bag so you can store it when not in use and if you intend to bring it anywhere.

What Buyers Are Saying About Save Phace Welding Helmet

Save Phace Welding Helmet is a favorite of many buyers because of its functionality and coolness. We can get from other welding mask reviews that it is a top seller with 4- 5-star ratings.

According to most reviews, Save Phace is a good deal for the money. It is lightweight, comfortable to use, and really does fit into tight spaces, and keeps out fumes.

You can even use it for 8 hours straight and still feel comfortable with it hanging on your face. However, you may notice a slight delay when TIG welding that is long enough to notice the flash.

Customer Review: Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable
  • Has a 180 degree ADF holder lens (shade #10)
  • Has the 2nd largest viewing area (23 square inches)
  • Has an awesome helmet bag
  • Great for its value


  • Slight delay when TIG welding

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