Miller Welding Helmet Review

miller welding helmet

Miller Ellite Welding Helmet 28100

This Miller welding helmet uses four arc sensors and four modes, a Clearlight lens for natural, accurate color. Easy-adjust shade, delay, and sensitivity, comfortable fully adjustable headgear.

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If you often find yourself in a disadvantageous position or out of place, your helmet may not see or sense the arc which often happens in confined spaces. The auto-darkening feature of your helmet may not turn off when you are out in the bright sunlight.

You will no longer risk being flashed as all the mentioned unwelcome situations will be eliminated with the X-mode. The Miller welding helmet Digital Elite has incorporated the X-mode technology in this headgear which detects the electromagnetic field that arises each time you strike an arc.

This welding helmet weighs 2.14 pounds. If you are in search of a lightweight helmet with the technology that protects you from being flashed, then the Miller Digital Elite welding helmet may be what you need.

Miller Welding Helmet Benefits and Features

Welding is a relatively safe job and using the proper helmet will be your main protection from eye damage and uv rays. Having the best welding helmet is a must. Your welding helmet should not only protect your eyesight but must also be good enough to let you see the weld pool clearly. Knowing the features of the Miller Digital Elite welding helmet will help you decide.

X-Mode Technology

The X-mode feature has a specific purpose of being able to sense the weld electromagnetically. This simply means that the auto-darkening feature of the lens is able to react on time. Usually, sunshine interferes with the helmet’s sensor that the lens reaction may either be delayed or fail completely.

With the X-mode, it is able to avert low amp, and the presence of sunlight from intervening with the darkening feature granting you the ability to continue working. It continuously detects the arc even if the sensors are blocked.

4 Arc Sensors

The 4 arc sensors are responsible for the exceptional reaction time compared with other helmets. The response time is 1/20,000 of a second. This is significant when in use in an obstructed area or during low amp welding as it enhances the character and standard of the weld.

Battery Life

This Miller welding helmet uses two CR2450 lithium batteries for continuous welding. It also comes with a solar assist which is to be used once batteries start to run out. When the helmet starts to lose power, you need to open the lens assembly to exchange and you can continue using it.

Durability and Comfort

Its durability makes it an excellent choice for any working condition, despite being lightweight. As for comfort, an extra strap is added which gives a better fit and adjustability for the welder.

Auto On/Off

This helmet comes with an automatic ADF function. This simply means that the auto- darkening feature will automatically turn on at the strike of an arc. This saves on battery life and incorporates security as flashing will be intercepted.

Clearlight Optical Clarity

This helmet has a viewing area range of 9.22 sq. inches. With this viewing capacity, the safety and improved clarity were essentially taken into consideration in designing the Miller Elite welding helmet. Welders will not feel too constrained wearing this hood during working hours. Suitable for Mig and Tig welders.

Digital Controls

The improved digital controls see you through 4 larger and simpler buttons. This allows for a quick switch between mode settings. Work output will be faster as there are only 4 buttons to control the operating modes or the sensitivity settings. Its ease of use will not render much for you to learn how to use it.


  • The head strap is easily adjusted and the entire front lens assembly can be removed for cleaning and for changing batteries
  • Impressive build quality and functionality
  • The Miller X-mode technology works really well
  • Lightweight and fairly small for tight places
  • The clarity of vision actually makes you see what you are doing

The Miller welding helmet provides professional welders, amateurs and hobbyists the latest contemporary technology. Designed to improve the quality of your weld, this hood is definitely suitable for everyone.

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