Hobart Welding Helmet Review 2022

There are a variety of welding helmets on the market, but one of the most popular is the Hobart Welding Helmet. This helmet features a large viewing port that gives you a clear view of your work area, and it also has a comfortable headband that helps to keep the helmet in place. The Hobart Welding Helmet is made from durable materials that offer excellent protection, and it is available in a variety of colors to suit your personal style. Whether you are a professional welder or a hobbyist, the Hobart welders Helmet is an excellent choice for your welding needs.

hobart welding helmet

Hobart Welding Helmet

Classic Large Display Weld Helmet From Hobart

Hobart welding helmets are well known for top quality and get consistently high reviews from users. The 770869 model is no exception giving great weld clarity and weld pool visibility. This is another quality product from Hobart welding.

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Hobart Welding Helmet Specifications

  • Tough Polyamide Nylon
  • Big screen of 9.3- square-inches for excellent visibility
  • 4 arc sensors for dependable auto darkening lens
  • Complete with grind mode

This Hobart welding helmet is made from Polyamide-Nylon which is a good type of fiber used mainly for ropes, gears, and other microfilaments. It is a battery-powered welding helmet that operates with 4 independent arc sensors.

In terms of its size, the Hobart helmet has a 7.1 square inch area with a widescreen format which is big for a welding helmet and for clear visibility.

Among other Hobart welding helmet models, Hobart 770869 has a stylish timeless design.


Hobart auto-darkening welding helmet has a package dimension of 12.0″ L x 11.8″ W x 14.0″ H which is actually bigger than other types and brands.


There are three independent arc sensors in a Hobart welding helmet that provides dependable arc detection. This means that it can automatically trip a circuit if it detects dangerous electric arcs and flashes.

Compared with other helmets that don’t have this kind of feature, the Hobart helmet prioritizes the safety of the user while it is beings stylish.

In addition, it also has a grind mode that prevents the lens from darkening so it can still provide a clear and visible grinding to the wearer.

Benefits & Features

Hobart 770869 Welding Helmet mainly features its auto-darkening mode. Basically, the helmet’s screen is battery automated to be able to change the screen shades.

Compared with other manual welding helmets that only have a fixed screen color, Hobart 770689 adapts to the working environment. It changes its darkening level depending on the brightness of the welding arc that the welder sees. A great helmet for multi-process welders.

It also features a large viewing area for better and wider visibility while working on the different stages of your welding project.

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What Buyers Are Saying About Hobart Welding Helmets

Hobart welding helmet purchasers are delighted with the product in general. Most of its ratings are 5-star which is clear evidence that Hobart helmets are good value for the money.

Some people report that the helmet is lightweight and comfortable to use but it is a little bit flimsy. You should also make sure that the battery is charged enough so you can use it efficiently.

Overall, the Hobart welding helmet is great and recommendable for purchase. It has a good quality which is great for its value. This is a welding helmet that holds its own against the big hitters and top welding helmets.

Customer Review: Hobart Weld Mask Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Has a unique and striking design
  • Has dependable arc detection
  • Has a grind mode feature for clear visibility
  • Has a 7.1 square inch wide screen format


  • The only cons we found were from damaged packaging and faulty small parts that were typical for any product.

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