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Best TIG Welder Quick Comparison Chart

Choosing The Best Tig Welder

Are you new to TIG welding or a seasoned welder looking to upgrade to the best TIG welder for the type and style of work you do? There are many different TIG welders available on the market, suited for beginners and pros alike, some are good some not so good. As opposed to Mig Welding, Tig welding is a precision weld, for this, you really should have the best welding gear.

Here we have done a great deal of research for you and have sorted the good welders from the bad.

Our reviews are based on what other welders have found using all of the TIG welding machines we are listing.

Non Biased Tig Welder Research

We realize that everyone is different and have different abilities, where one welder gives 5 stars to a product another may only give 1 star. In many cases where a low rating is given it is due to more of a problem with delivery, packaging or some other bad experience that is not really related to the actual capabilities of the welding machine.

Having said that we have read all the reviews and comments we can find on blogs, websites and manufacturers’ sites, and concluded our ratings based on real results.

Tig welding is one of the welding types with the highest scope. If you are a beginner, intermediate or professional welder, a good quality TIG welder can make your work a breeze.

With so many tig welders on the market, finding one can be really difficult. However, worry not. We have got you covered.

In this review, you’ll get to know about the best TIG welders on the market:

So without delaying it further, let’s start the review.

Best Tig Welder: In-Depth Reviews

Hobart Ez Tig Welder

Hobart Easy Tig Welder

Hobart tries to maximize the use of technology in their creations. The Hobart Tig welder may look complex but, with just a few control options is very simple to use.

It works on the idea that the customer should have complete control of their purchase which is also exhibited in features like amperage control. Let’s find out more:

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hobart ezy tigEasy to handle: Hobart EZ Tig is a Tig Welder designed with complexity but, it is as simple to use as it looks. You can operate it easily even without a user manual. Just a plugin and selection of material thickness is all you need for starting your welding process.
Furthermore, it weighs only 50 lbs which means it can be carried anywhere with the utmost ease. The machine is installed with a knob and a switch, which makes the control even easy.

Amperage Control: Hobart gives you the charge of deciding the rating of current entering the machine. This helps to cut down on the waste current and, choose the current rating according to your workload.

The machine is fitted with an inverter which gives a nice, smooth welding arc and saves power sideways.

Fan: One of the noteworthy features of this machine is that it automatically turns off the fan when you don’t need it. This trait allows the running of the fan only when needed. It aids in the prevention of debris or sand entering the machine. By limiting the power usage it is surely going to benefit you in the long run.

ShutDown: The temperature sensors in this welding beast detect any temperature rises. In case of a large rise due to excessive use, the machine turns off automatically. This is to prevent overheating, which can be a reason behind the increased life span of the machine.


  • The operation is simple and easy to understand.
  • Minimum controlling options to avoid complications in operation.
  • The operator can control the Current Flow. It is beneficial when cutting down on waste power.
  • It has a fitted inverter.
  • The fan turns on and off automatically according to the needs of the machine.
  • Automatic Shutdown in case of a high heat built up.
  • Tough Built up for durability and use in the longer run.


  • The machine isn’t lightweight so it cannot be easily transferred from place to place.
  • It only works at a voltage of 230 volts.

Forney Ezweld Tig Welder

Forney has been in the line of TIG welder manufacturer for years and there is absolutely no doubt that they have incredible machines. With all these amazing features the good thing is that you the price isn’t heavy on your pocket.

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Forney Easy-weld Features

Versatile: Forney’s Welder is made to be multifaceted. It is a very suitable machine for all sorts of welding work. It or can be used for all three types: stick welding, TIG welding and MIG welding.

Forney makes your every penny spent speak for itself. It offers more than you can think. The machine can work on manual or synergic mode too.

Power: The TIG welder can work on dual voltages, for broader operating range and control. You can either make it work at 120 volts (10 -90 amperes) or 230 volts (10 – 180 volts).
It is powerful enough to weld ½  inch thick mild steel. What more is that it is a generator friendly appliance and can easily work and produce a steady stable arc even on a power generator.
Lightweight: The weight is the highlighting feature of this TIG welder. Welding machines need to be moved around more often than we think. Considering the weight as an important feature is very necessary when buying a welder.

The Forney Ez Weld weighs only 14 lbs. You can carry it around super easily and comfortably, without stressing your muscles.
Indicators: This 3 in one welder is equipped with sensors for increasing the safety of the operator. The first sensor lets you know if your Forney Welder is heating up.

This indicates to turn off the beast as soon as possible and helps enhance the life expectancy of the machine.
The second indicator bespeaks for any compartment of the machine that is facing an issue. It eases the pain of identifying the error in case of a working issue.

  • Lightweight so easy to carry around.
  • Suitable for all types of welding.
  • Easy to control and operate, beneficial of beginner level welders.
  • High Sensitivity increases the safety of the operator.
  • It can operate on Dual Voltage Supply.
  • Work easily on a power generator too.
  • Work on Synergic or Manual mode.


  • No foot Pedals.
  • The Build-up is a little flimsy.

Everlast Tig Welder

For the past 20 years, Everlast is in the line of producing some great quality welding machines. One after another, a marvel is manufactured by the company.
The machines are extremely versatile and also made to cut down on extra power. Everlast’s Tig welder can surely help you save money in the long run.

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Everlast Tig Features

Versatility: Although this incredible machine is designed to be a TIG welder, it also works amazingly as a Stick Welder. Different sizes of rods can be used with it but the preferred size is 3/ 3.2. It helps in achieving a more consistent, steady arc.

Power: The Everlast Tig Welder can work on dual voltages. You can switch between 120 volts or 240 volts and you can get a maximum of 85-ampere output at 120 volts.

It is powerful enough to weld ⅜ inches of metal just with a 120 volts supply. The Tig Welder gives you a stable smooth arc even at a DC power supply. It is made to cut down on power hence, saving a lot on your bills.

Build up: The Tig Welder is designed with a Digital Display. The operator can easily adjust the current rating and any repeatability. Also, it is equipped with a DINSE 25mm style connectors, for easy connection of wires.

It is a good welding machine for beginners. You can manually adjust the volume of gas using the gas valve that is built into the torch handle of machine.

Lightweight: It is hard to believe that this amazing 2 in one machine is super light. It only weighs a mere 24 pounds. It other words, it is portable and can be moved around in a tiring occupation like welding with ease.


  • Weighs only 24 pounds. Convenience in moving it around.
  • DINSE 25mm style connectors for easy connectivity of wires.
  • Operate on dual voltage supply.
  • It can adjust the volume of gas manually.
  • It also works as a stick Welder.
  • It comes with a stick electrode holder and cable.
  • High Impact Plastic Carry Case.


  • Build feels somewhat flimsy.

Everlast Power Tig – NEW 2019 – Multi Process MIG/TIG/Stick welder

Everlast’s Power tig is just another wonder. The versatility is going to leave you awestruck. The machine might seem to be a little heavy on your pocket but the feature it offers is worth every buck spent.  Check Latest Price On Amazon

Versatility: This Tig welder is designed to be a multi-functional welder. Besides doing amazing  TIG welding, this machine is also capable of doing MIG and stick welding.

Moreover, it can be used to weld a range of materials like aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, steel bronze, alloys, etc. It knows the score of welding steel and aluminum up to different thicknesses.¼ single pass and ⅝ + multi-pass for steel while, 3/16 single pass and ½ multipass for aluminum.

Power: It has an easy starting mechanism that allows the TIG welder to start at just 5 amperes at either AC or DC power supply.
You can adjust the AC frequency which is ranged from 20 hertz to 250 hertz. A 4500-watt power generator is very suitable for Everlast 185 Power TIG.

Control: The welder TIG has colored controls that make using the machine easy and fun. The controls are readable and pretty easy to understand. The coloured digital display makes the current readings more visible.

Sensitivity: Everlast Power Tig Welder is highly sensitive to temperatures due to the vast sensor system. The over-temperature is detected and immediately informed to the operator. It aids in increasing the life period of the tig welder.


  • It can work with a 4500 power generator.
  • It starts easily with just 5 Ampere current.
  • Adjustable frequency of AC supply.
  • Operating controls are easy to read and understand.
  • Compact design with a fitted inverter.


  • It is a bit heavy and causes muscular strains when pulling it around during work.
  • It can cost you an arm and a leg if you are a middle or a low budgeted buyer.

Amico Tig Welder

Amico is considered as one of the best manufacturers of welding machines. The machines are designed to be multifaceted along with saving a lot of power supply and all that in a very economical price tag.

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Versatile: Amico TIG Welder is also included in the list of the welding machines that show flexibility. Although this is just a TIG welder, it also serves the need for a  stick welder.
Since the stick welding is far easier than TIG, it is very suitable for beginners.

For stick welding, it is equipped with an electrode and a stick holder too. Now, instead of dividing your money on to two intermediate quality machines, why not buy the 2 in 1 Amico Tig Welder.

Power: The machine offers a dual voltage option between 120 volts and 230 volts. For a flawless steady arc, an amperage control is very essential. Amico lets you take charge of the current supplied.

You can decide on a current rating from 15 to 200 Amperes. Even if you are saving on a professional welder, this machine gives you an excellent professional touch in your work. It is a generator power-friendly appliance.

Operation: Despite all the complications involved in this, the Amico TIG welder is super easy to use. It is adopted with the most superior technology that makes it user- friendly.

With one knob and switch, you can control the voltage and current ratings. The LCD shows you the amperes in use with precision. The advanced Inverter technology guarantees a beautiful arc.

Sensors:  This TIG welder has sensors installed that keep a check and balance. The sensors automatically detect an over, under or fluctuation of either current or voltage.

The sensors alarm the operator and balance them sideways. The other type of sensors record any temperature rise and in case of overheating, shutdowns the machine. Moreover, the fan’s operation is also controlled and is turned off when not needed.


  • 2 in 1 machine, a stick welder as well as a tig welder.
  • Operation is easy, very suitable for beginners.
  • The machine can run on a Dual Voltage supply.
  • Weld a wide range of materials like Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Nickel, Copper, Brass, chrome etc.
  • Installed sensors that maintain the Voltage and Current ratings and alarm the operator about any fluctuations.
  • Fan operation is maintained by sensors.
  • Inverter technology promises a beautiful welding arc.


  • It doesn’t come with an Argon tank and it needs to be bought.
  • Button on TIG torch is hard to use.

Best Tig Welder Conclusion

Tig Welders serve as a piece of the important equipment in the world of manufacturing. For DIY use they are great for those who require a neat and tidy finish and are great for auto and motorcycle projects, artwork and furniture making. If you happen to be looking for one, look at these best tig welders that we have reviewed.
Pick one that best suits your needs and has all the features that you require.

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