Best Mig Welder For DIY And Small Workshop – [Top 12 In 2021]

MIG welders are the most versatile of all welding types of machines out there. However, the scope and the different types of MIG welders are getting more complicated with more different models getting to the market every year. So which is the best MIG welder for you?  In this article, we test and review the best MIG welders from the 3 different types of Mig welder available to see which suits your needs and provides the best value. The three variations of Mig welders we tested include;

General-purpose Mig welders – This type of Mig welder is a standard wire feed MIG welder for welding steels and Aluminium. These are the original style MIG welders and are a great MIG welder for DIY welding and general purpose mild steel or aluminum welding. This type of welder is easy to use and is an affordable MIG welder for any DIY workshop. A standard DIY MIG welder with welding power of 140 to 240 AMPs will weld up to 1/4 inch or 6mm mild steel and aluminum. Our top pick for this type of welder is the Hobart Handler 500559 140 amp Mig welder.

Multi-Purpose Mig Welders –  These multi-use MIG welders offer much more versatility allowing the user to use three different welding processes and are capable of Mig welding, Tig welding, and Arc welding. All this functionality in a single welder is very appealing, and although they are more expensive than standard wire feed welders the extra expense is well worth it, why buy three different welders when one will do the trick. Here, the best multi-use Mig we tested is the Weldpro 200 welder which is actually promoted as a 5 in 1 welder!

Gasless / Flux-cored FCi Welders – While these are often called MIG welders, because they work, in the same way, using a spool gun and wire feed system.  The proper term however for this type of welding machine is FCAW or Flux Core Arc Welding. Typically FC wire feed welders use only flux-cored welding wires, no shielding gas is required with these machines as the weld shielding properties (flux) are contained within the hollow welding wire electrode.

Similar in a way to stick welding where the flux is on the outside of the electrode. Our recommendation for the best wire feed welder for DIY is the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Flux-Core Wire Welder. Gasless FC welders are great for outdoor use and on-site welding as there is no shielding gas that can be blown away with the wind. Also, they are more than at home in the DIY workshop as a general use welder.

Best General Purpose

Best Multi Purpose

Best Flux Cored

hobart handler 140
Hobart Handler 140
Quality Welders Made in the USA
Welds up to 1/4 in mild steel; also weld Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Standard household current
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weldpro 200 multi purpose mig welder
WeldPro 200 – 5 in 1
Worldwide Company based in the USA
All processes, Mig – Tig – FluxCore – Stick – Aluminum, Weldpros flagship Multi-use welder
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Forney Easy Weld 140 flux cored
Forney FCi Gasless
From Forney welders
Great entry-level welder, DIY, auto repair, light fabrication, and farm maintenance, welds up to 1/4″ mild steel. Flux core Only
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After all, we have a choice between MIG welding, TIG welding, Arc welding machines, and even traditional oxy-acetylene gas welding to choose from. However, while all the other welder types have their place,  MIG welding is still the most versatile and easiest machine to use and you can be welding like a pro in no time.

Check out our Mig welder reviews to see which best suits your needs, don’t be tempted to buy a Mig welder because it’s cheap! Stick with a reputable brand that has been well tested over time.

Questions we commonly get asked include what MIG welder is best for auto bodywork? What thickness metal or aluminum can I weld, What is the best MIG welder for beginners or for home use? These are all valid questions, so the first thing to address is what do you want and do with a Mig welder, not sure? jump to our FAQ section Here.

Before you buy the first MIG welder you come across, below are our reviews of the best MIG welders, General Purpose and Multi-function welders, and Flux Core Inverters (FCi) for home DIY and small workshop use.

A word about warranty. Most all of the welders tested here are either made in the USA or have parent companies in the USA. Cheaper Imported welders may have issues with warranty claims, always check the warranty. It’s no fun having to send a busted welder overseas to get replaced or fixed!

A quick look at the Best MIG welders available For DIY – [General Purpose MIG ]

Top PickMore PowerHighly RatedBest Quality
Hobart Handler 140Hobart Handler 210Lincoln Handy CoreMillerMatic211
hobart handler 140hobart handler 210lincoln handycore mig Millermatic professional 211 Mig welder
A bestseller from Hobart WeldersGreat Portability with power to matchClassic reliability from LincolnTop Quality From Miller Electric
Welds up to 1/4 in mild steel; also weld Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Standard household currentSmall size, Impressive performance, weld 1/4 to 3/8 mild steel, supports input voltages from 110 to 240vWeld up to 1/8″ mild steel.
Runs on household 115V 20A power, Great DIY MIG welder, easy setup very portable
Miller have a long history of quality welding machines, thi Millermatic 211 MIG is no exception USA company
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For that, MIG welders are an ideal choice for many DIY projects around the home, and for general-purpose fabrication work. The scope of a general-purpose Mig welder is huge and will handle most welding jobs from auto body panels to 1/4 inch mild steel plate and heavier depending on the output power of the machine.

Other types of welders are simple flux core only, with others that are much more versatile and will allow you to do Mig (metal inert gas welder)  flux core, plus Tig and Arc welding functions.

#1  Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder 

hobart handler 140

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Hobart has made a huge name in the competition of welding machines. Their machines exhibit the efforts done by engineers at Hobart. Our Number 1 Hobart handler MIG welder is just another example. Hobart is an American company and has been providing welding products since 1917, they have a worldwide support and warranty network of over 800 service centers. The Hobart company offers the best backup for parts and accessories anywhere.

The Hobart Handler MIG is Best Used For;

  • Diy and home repairs
  • Auto body repair
  • Light manufacture
  • Art and hobby projects
  • Farm maintenance
  • Weld Steel, Aluminium, Stainless steel.
  • Flux core welding.

Here’s why I think the Hobart Handler 140 is the best for DIY use:

Power: This welding machine can run on a current as low as 25 amperes or as high as 140 amperes. As a guide, 140 amps will let you weld mild steel with a metal thickness up to 1/4 inch or 6mm. I this regard it works amazingly well with a normal household current and voltage of 115 volts. It has a 20 % duty cycle, which basically means it can weld continuously for two minutes at a maximum of 140 amps. More than enough for general DIY welding purposes

The 5 range voltage and wire control and selector makes it even more versatile. This feature of being able to adjust the wire feed speed stabilizes your work and produces a smooth arc, regardless of the welding thicknesses.

best mig welder controls

Versatile: Unlike most of the MIG welders available in the market, the Hobart 140 welder is multi-talented. You can either use it as a Gas MIG welder or you can use it with flux-cored welding wire that requires no gas. This feature allows you to weld in different conditions.

Solid wire welding with gas will generally give a better finish to a weld and is great for use indoors. Gasless flux wire is great for welding outdoors where there is likely to be wind conditions that will normally disperse any shielding gas. Regardless of wire being used the machine welds great and is smooth to run giving a professional touch to your work.

best mig welder

Portable:  Hobart has framed this welder very technically. You will be amazed to find all the amazing features it exhibits but, its lightweight is the highlight. It weighs only 57 lbs which means, you can carry it anywhere anytime, super easily.

To make it just a five-finger exercise, Hobart gives you the option of a cart with wheels to carry this super-light machine.

Build Up: As soon as you unpack it, you can notice the strong buildup of this machine. Hobart 140 is crafted with the best steel which makes it strong and sturdy. Within minutes you can set it up.

To iron out any problems the machine is equipped with a user manual, plus online support from Hobart.

Safety: Hobart takes care of your safety and so, their machines are equipped with all the necessary safety features. The thermal overload protection sensor records a rise in temperature of the machine and in case of overheating, turns it off automatically.

What We Like About The Hobart Welder

  • Weld solid wire with gas or flux-cored wire
  • Has a top of the range wire feed
  • Polarity change function for Mig or gasless welding
  • Plugs into a standard wall socket, no need for the 220v plug.
  • Lightweight which makes it easy to transfer.
  • The melder has a strong steel case that makes a rugged, lightweight welding machine.
  • Made in the USA
  • Temperature overload protection sensors automatically turn off the machine when overheated.


  • It is not a generator-friendly appliance.
  • It is not a generator-friendly appliance.
  • Not really supported for heavy industrial uses. Any welder that uses a standard household power supply will find it tough to weld continuously in an industrial capacity.
  • Gas cylinders are required, which are not included in the cost of this machine. ( Not required for gasless welding wire)

Gets my vote as the best MIG welder for the money.


#2 Hobart Handler 210 MIG Welder

hobart handler 210 mig welder

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Hobart has integrated technology in their appliances and no doubt has created wonders. Their products display versatility and are great machines for beginner-level welders.

If you think that the Handler 140 isn’t the best MIG welder for the work you intend to do then the Hobart 210 is our number two recommendation. This welding machine will let you weld metal thickness of 1/4” up to 3/8 of an inch. It’s a most capable all-rounder with similar functions to the 140 Hobart Handler. Will weld in both gas and gasless, also its capable of welding Aluminium.

For welding with Aluminum wire, You will need to add the Spoolrunner 100 spool gun, and 100% Argon gas. From our research and other MIG welder reviews this machine ticks all the boxes with both novices and seasoned welders.

The Hobart 210 Mig is a Great Welder For;

  • Auto bodywork
  • DIY and household repairs
  • Heavier farm maintenance
  • Small businesses
  • Weld mild steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Gas, and gasless.
  • More power than the 140, Capable of welding 24-ga. to 3/8in steel

Top Features

best hobart welder

Power: Hobart Handler 210 offers you dual voltage so you can connect your welder at a voltage of 110 Volts or 230 volts.  Complete with thermal overload protection the Hobart Handler 210 gives you the option to choose the voltage and wire feed speed control from the seven settings available.

The 7 power control settings let you create a very precise arc for the different metal thicknesses you may want to weld. With the options of different voltages, the Hobart Handler’s duty cycle also differs. It presents you with a 20% cycle on 120 Volts while it increases to 30% on 230 volts.

Portable: Hobart’s 210 Mig welder is designed to be a very compact appliance. The small portable case makes it even easier to transport. It weighs only 65 pounds and is a blessing for welders who do not have a fixed workplace.

Build Up:

Hobart 210 MIG welder is an amazing machine for all the newbies in this field. The machine is relatively easy to use and produces amazing results. The industrial Aluminium cast drive system enhances the longevity of the appliance and is worth your money.

The feed head roll is durable while giving an accurate feed speed rate to the spool gun, very good when using aluminum wire.

What We Like About The Hobart 210

  • Solid performing MIG welder with smooth arc characteristics and great penetration.
  • Welds very well on 120v input and also welds aluminum well which is a bonus
  • Has a quick connect plug allowing easy change between 120v and 240volts
  • Top-quality spool gun drive with easy change drive rollers.


  • The welder is heavy, about 80 pounds, but to be expected with the quality transformer.
  • Earth clamp could be better.
  • The Gas Cylinder is not included in the price package.

I recommend the Hobart Handler 210 MVP For

  • Great for small fabrication workshops fabricating, gates, fences, staircases, furniture, light structural
  • Excellent for home DIYers and hobby welders, farm and ranch maintenance.
  • Light duty manufacturing

#3  Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

Lincoln electric handy mig welder for diy

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This Lincoln electric is a great little welder for auto body panels. It can be used with argon gas mix or glassless flux-cored wire.

Lincoln Handymig is Best Used For;

  • Welds steels,  using gas, and Gasless flux-cored wire
  • Great general purpose welder for light use
  • DIY home repairs and hobby work, autobody panels.
  • Weld metals 24 gauge, up to 1/8” thick

What’s In The Box

  • Welding gun and cable
  • Lincoln electric K2185 Welder
  • Earth cable and clamp
  • Gas hose and regulator
  • Spools of solid wire and flux-cored wire
  • Contact tips
  • Welding hood and lens
  • Chip hammer and brush

Features Of The K2185 Handy Welder

Power: The Lincoln electric K2185 1, runs at a low voltage of 115 Volts and produces exceptionally good results. It has a low output amperage of 88 Amperes and while it is considered suitable for professional welds I feel it’s more of a home workshop welder.

 Portable: Lincoln’s Electric Mig Welder is super light, and weighs only 26 pounds. One thing I like is that it’s portable and compact and can be taken anywhere without too much fuss.

Choose from 4 voltage settings, this allows you to weld a different thickness of metal. It has a surprising duty cycle of 20% at 70 amps.

Versatility: Lincoln’s Electric K2185-1 has the capability to be used as a MIG Welder and for flux-cored welding. The voltage settings allow you to weld material up to different thicknesses. You can use it for small home repairs or weld mild steel up to ⅛ inches.

Safety: With Lincoln’s welding appliances, not only does the operator feels safe but the machine too. The cold contractor thermal overload features do not let the wires heat up. It keeps them cool, which also aids in increasing the working life of the appliance.

The installed fan keeps the machine cool by allowing the heat to escape. It acts as an exhaust for the machine so, your work isn’t disturbed by overheating issues.

What We Like about the Lincoln mig welder

  • Multi-functioning Welder. It can work as a flux-cored welder or Mig welder.
  • Saves power by working at a low voltage of 115 Volts.
  • The 4 Voltage settings allow you to weld different thicknesses of metal.
  • Lightweight and compact so easy to transport.
  • Fan to keep the machine cool.
  • Cold contractor keeps the wires cool.


  • This machine does not weld aluminum.
  • Cannot weld metal with a thickness greater than ⅛ inches.
  • The gas container is not covered in the price

Lincoln Electric is leading the race of design, development, and manufacture of welding products. Their appliances are uniques pieces that are not only easy to use but, take your safety at hand too.


#4 Millermatic 211Mig Welder

Millermatic professional 211 Mig welder

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Miller welding has been around for many years now and are the choice welders of many larger industrial fabrication companies. Miller welders have a proven record for the quality of components and the quality of the welding itself. While Miller machines are generally more expensive for the average DIY workshop, they are considered one of the best machines available.

If you can stretch the budget the Millermatic 211 is the ideal solution for DIY and small workshops. This is a capable, multi-function MIG welding machine that will cover all the bases for general welding. This Mig welder will run both Gasless wire and MIG gas welding with solid wire. It will weld both mild and stainless steel up to 1/4 inch thick and aluminum up to 3/8 thick.

Millermatic 211 wire feed control

Millermatic Top Features 

  • Input voltage 120 to 240 volts – Incorporates a multi-use plug that lets you connect to common 240 and 120-volt power outlets without the need to change plug fittings.
  • Welder output range, 30 to 230 Amps
  • Angled cast aluminum drive system
  • Quick select drive roll system, offers 3 wire groves, two for solid wires and on for gasses wires.
  • Advanced Auto setTM, includes five different wire/gas combinations.
  • Smooth-StartTM This function provides a smooth splatter-free start and would be the best in its class for smooth weld starts.
  • Wire sizes 0.023 Inches. to 0.035 Inches., Flux 0.030 Inches. to 0.045 Inches.
  • Thermal overload protection
  • In the fan on Demand Phase, the fan operates only when it’s required, this reduces noise and power consumption.

Millermatic 211 Mig, What’s in The Box?

  • 10 Ft M-10 MIG gun
  • 10 Ft Earth cable and clamp
  • Dual gauge regulator plus gas hose
  • Sample Spool of 0.030 in. Solid Wire, (2) 0.030 in.
  • Spare Contact Tips
  • Hook-and-Loop Cord Wraps
  • Millermatic 211 MIG
  • Power cord and voltage adaptor plugs
  • Spool of Hobart .08 Hobart wire.

This miller welder is not out of place in any small business workshop or home workshop, great in Auto and Cycle workshops, DIY home workshops, maintenance work, and farms. Miller welders get mostly positive MIG welder reviews from those who have used the Millermatic 211 and are generally rated at 5 stars


Multi-Purpose Mig Welders

Of all the welding machines that I’ve tested the best MIG welder for general-purpose welding would be a multi-purpose machine. Multi-process welders are fast becoming the preferred choice for many DIYers and small business workshops alike. The reason is simple, these welding machines offer the versatility and capability of 3 in one welding process and can cover MIG, TIG, and Arc welding all in one machine.

This allows huge scope for welding different metals and alloys. A typical multi-process welder can weld;

  • Mild steel with the choice of all three processes
  • Gasless or flux core welding of mild steel
  • MIG Aluminum welding
  • MIG and TIG Stainless steel welding


A quick look at the Best Mult-purpose – 3 in 1Welders 

Top PickProfessionalHighly RatedBest Budget

Weldpro 200  Multi-Process Welder 

ESAB Rebel EMP215IC  Professional

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP

Yeswelder 3 in 1 Mig,Tig Arc

weldpro 200 migESAB EMP215ICForney Easy Weld 140yeswelder 3 in one
Weldpro’s Flagship 3 in 1 WelderQuality Multi-purpose machine from EsabPopular DIY multifunction welder Multi-purpose welder for a budget price.

 Whether it’s for DIY, auto repair, or factory maintenance the Weldpro 200 can handle it.


Best in its class, the Esab 215 gives an ultimate performance with MIG, Lift Tig Flux-Cored, and Stick Welding

Everything You need in this great multi-function machine from Forney at a great price.A capable 3 in 1 welder including MIG, lift tig and arc/stick welding, great performer for DIY.
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#1 – Best MIG Welder Overall – Weldpro 200 Multi-Purpose Welder 

weldpro 200 mig

This premium quality Multi-purpose welder is Weldpros flagship model. Gets consistent 5 Star reviews.

AA 200 amp powerful MIG welder capable of MIG, TIG, and Arc/stick welder.

Gas weld steels and aluminum, flux core capable plus true lift tig make this Multi-function welder top value.

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The  Weldpro 200 is a three-in-one machine with MIG TIG and Stick welding capability all built-in. The Weldpro 200 is a dual voltage welder allowing the flexibility to weld almost anywhere.

If you’re in the market for a welder that can cover jobs in a small commercial workshop this welder is a perfect choice. Also, this machine is not out of place in a DIY home workshop and would cover almost any job you are likely to encounter.

The Tig function of the Weldpro 200 is top class, with many buyers opting for this machine purely for the TIG function alone. Great for auto repairs where often need for small precise welds are required.  Also great in small manufacturing applications where TIG welds offer a neater more professional appearance.

As an all-around welder, the Weldpro 200 is a reliable workhorse and will compete with other machines that are twice the price. The welder is a well-engineered, robust well-built machine that will go the distance.

  • MIG – Gas and Gasless, TIG, and Arc welding from a compact portable machine
  • Amperages, MIG at 230 volts 40-200 Amps – 115 volts 40 – 120 amps. 
  • TIG 230 volts 15 – 200 amps, 115 volts 15 -120 amps. 30% at 200 Amp rated duty cycle.
  • TIG with DC true lift capabilities
  • Runs MIG wires, .023 .030 .035, Accomodates 4 inch or 8 inch spools 
  • Dual digital display
weldpro 200 kit

 Comes complete with MIG cable and gun, TIG torch, ground clamp, flow meter, and spool gun – All are well-built components. Just add argon gas and you are good to go.

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 #2 – Professional Power – Esab Rebel 215 Multi-Process Welder

esab 215 multi purpose mig

The Esab EMP 215ic is The best-in-class MIG, Flux-Cored, TIG, Stick Multi-Process welder – Welds mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel.

  •   Lift TIG welding
  •  Smart MIG feature
  • lightweight, highly portable
  • 110 – 220v Mig welder

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esab 215 welder

 The Esab Rebel 215 is a top-of-line three-in-one multi-use welder of professional quality. The 215 Rebel can deliver superb performance in all three functions of MIG. TIG and Stick welding types. Run the machine on any power with the AC DC switch feature. Comes complete with HF start for TIG in both AC and DC mode. Great for those into welding thicker metal

With its ‘smart’ feature, the machine will learn and adapt to the user’s different techniques and styles so that you get the same quality results with every weld, over and over. A fantastic feature for seasoned pros and beginners alike by reducing training times.

The Esab rebel 215 is reasonably light (49lbs) and compact allowing the portability for site work. It’s tough and durable for industry and commercial applications and for those DIYers who appreciate top-quality gear.

  • MIG, Flux-Cored, Lift TIG, Stick welds
  • Top-quality large TFT display screen
  • Esab sMIG (“smart MIG”) feature
  • Professional TWEECO accessories
  • Cool 5 handle roll cage design, steel body construction

This is for serious welders who need a quality multi-process machine in industry or home workshop – this would be a top choice. It scores an impressive 4.8 out of 5 possible stars from real buyers.


  • Bulky Mig torch

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#3 Popular DIY Multi-Process Welder – Forney Easy Weld 140 MP

Forney Easy Weld 140

A well-priced DIY 3 in 1 Stick, MIG, and DC TIG Welder all in one machine. Forney is a USA manufacturer of quality welding equipment.

The Forney 140MP welder runs on 120-volts, delivering 140 AMPs.  A great welder for DIYers, automotive, farm or ranch, and general repair and maintenance

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The Forney 140 Multi-Process welder is set up and ready to go with gasless flux core capability. With a useful 140 amps this machine will easily handle mild steel welds up to 1/4 inch thick.

Of course, you are not limited to flux core welding only, for MIG welding simply change the wire spool to solid wire, add your argon mix gas and you are good to go. Stick welders are also catered for and the stinger handpiece and earth clamp are provided.

DC Tig welding is also a function of the Forney 140 however you will need to buy the extra gear needed to get started, comprising of a TIG torch and tungstens, gas regulator, and gas.

Needless to say, the Forney 140MP is a versatile machine that once set up will be a great asset to any small business or home workshop.

  • Welds up to 1/4 inch steel
  • Uses 2lb or 10 lb wire spools
  • Generator friendly
  • Wire feed speed and voltage controls
  • Gass or Gasless setup
  • Stick weld up to 1/8 inch electrodes.
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Best Flux Core/Gasless Welders

Top PicClose SecondHighly RecommendedBudget
Forney 140 FC GaslessLincoln K2278 GaslessHobart 100 GaslessMig Series Gasless
forney 125 gassless welderlincoln handycore mighobart gassles 100mig series
Top-quality flux core welder from Forney USALincolns fine welder reputation says it allAnother top performer from Hobart weldersBudget FC beginners welder
130 amp Mig series
120V input, 140 AMP Output This is a great entry-level welder, DIY, auto repair, light fabrication, and farm maintenance, welds up to 1/4″ mild steels.  wire feed & voltage control for the perfect weld!

Uses 115v 20 amp household power, Weld up to 1/8 inch mild steel with flux core wire. Easy to set up and use, a full kit is ideal for beginners

Top-quality flux-cored welder for beginners or home shop, 115v input power, can weld mild steel up to 3/16 inch A perfect wire feed welder for the beginner or personal user. Runs on 115V input power, welds up to 3/16 in. Has the ability to take two spool sizes

110V/60HZ single phase Flux core wire welding Ideal mild steel.10 Speed Control, plus current Flow Setting. Comes with a mask and flux core wire

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 #1 Forney 261 Easy Weld 140 Flux-Cored

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For past years Forney is at work to manufacture marvel machines like their Easy Weld Flux Cored welder. This machine is exceptionally lightweight and easy to use.

Note; This is a flux-cored only welder and is suited to welding mild steels only. Also great for welding galvanized steel.

Features Of The Forney 140 MIG

Portable:  This Mig Welder is extremely light and weighs only 19lbs. The inverter technology, as a result, makes it extremely compact and lightweight. Any welder who has a job that requires moving to different locations will find Forney’s Easy Weld very suitable for their profession.

Power: Forney’s 140 Mig Welder is a great power-saving appliance. It only uses 120 volts to produce an exceptionally nice sturdy arc. It gives a 140-ampere output while it has a duty cycle of 30% at 90 Amperes. You can weld up to ¼ inches of mild steel using the 140 Ampere current.

Build Up: The machine is well crafted. The strong sturdy build-up enhances the overall durability of the machine. The outer case is made from high-quality metal that avoids the wear and tear of everyday welding. The welder is designed to be large enough to hold both  2 and 10-pound rolls of wire.

Usage: Forney’s Mig is just a breeze to use which makes it very suitable for beginner MIG welders. The machine has a finite voltage control and wire-speed control that helps you with the arcs. The Mig gun is light but sturdy.

What We Like About It

  • Weighs only 19lbs, isn’t heavy on your muscles.
  • It can be either used as a flux-cored welder or a MIG welder.
  • Inverter Technology makes it compact and light in weight.
  • Cuts on extra power and can work best at 120 volts.
  • 30% Duty cycle at 90 Amperes.
  • Perfect for beginners. Very easy to use.
  • Finite Voltage Control.
  • Wire Speed Control.


  • The wire-speed feed rate is very slow compared to some others, approximately 3 inches per second.

#2 Hobart 100 Gasless FCi

The Hobart 100 FC welder is an excellent choice for first-time welders. Being a flux core welder there is no need for extra gas cylinders to get in the way. The Hobart 100 is very portable, runs on a house supply of 115 volts, and is ideal for use outdoors and indoors.

Weld from 18 gauge steel to 3 /16-inch plates of steel, there are two different wire spool settings allowing the use of .08 and .09 mm welding wires. Uses standard flux core welding wire.

What We Like

  • Hobart quality for a no frills budget unit
  • Runs on regular 120V (20A)
  • Smooth wire feed, makes nice welds.
  • Very minimal spatter with good quality Hobart wire.
  • Consistent arc, no overheating, and great price
  • Weld up to 3/16 mild steel
  • Flux core wire only
  • No options for gas upgrade

#3 Forney Easy weld Flux Core MIG Welder

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Gasless flux core welding only – Best Welder For Beginners.

Just another machine by Forney’s that would leave you awestruck. Forney’s engineers have worked on the design and the effort is exhibited in the work. The machine is pretty easy to work with and you can simply just switch it in your house powerboards.

Top Features of the Forney MIG

Power: Forney’s easy weld 125 accepts a voltage of 120 volts and uses it to produce arcs no less than a professional. The machine in return gives 125 Ampere output and also offers a 20% duty cycle at 80 Amperes.

Forney gives you the charge of selecting voltage. The high voltage options help in thin plate welding while the low voltage option aids you in welding thicker materials. It is designed to be generator friendly and can be connected with a suitable power providing supply.

Portability: While it does an excellent job in welding, it is also pretty easy to carry around. Unlike most MIG welders, this one is not very bulky and has a handle installed for the operators’ convenience.

Safety: Forney’s appliances are equipped with sensors that keep a check on the temperature rise of the machine. Incase this beast overheats, the sensors automatically turn off the machine to prevent any blasts from occurring.

What We Like About The Forney 299

  • It offers a large storage area for storing wires at the side of the welder.
  • Easy to set up and use. Perfect for beginners.
  • Works best at a voltage of 120 Volts.
  • Durable plastic body.
  • Lightweight and plastic handle to ease its portability.
  • 2lb spool wire is included in the price.
  • 20% Duty cycle at 80 Amperes.
  • Internal Thermal Sensors that keep a check on overheating.


  • This machine is not suitable for welding stainless steel.
  • A low range of Voltage selecting options available.

#4 Mig Series 130 Gasless

The Mig series is a no-frills budget flux-cored welder ideal for beginners or someone wanting to learn to weld.

Common FAQ

MIG Welding VS Gasless Welding

These are two different welding processes, MIG welders require an external shielding gas supply using Co2 or pure argon gas. Standard Co2 gas is used on mild steel whereas pure Argon gas is best used for aluminum welding.

Gasless welding requires no external gas as the shielding gas/flux is contained within the welding wire itself. Best used for welding steels. To my knowledge, there are no aluminum gasless welding wires on the market.

Welding with gasless wire has its pros and cons. The pros are;

– That the welding process makes easy welding in outdoor and windy conditions
– Not having a gas cylinder makes the welder very portable
– Good for welding galvanized and dirty or previously painted metals
– Excellent penetration properties
– Good for all position welding


– High smoke and fume emissions
– Leaves behind slag on the weld and will need wire brushing to clean up
– Gasless welds won’t present the best-looking weld, needs cleaning/slag removal
– Not recommended for auto bodywork

MIG welding on the other hand is a far cleaner process for metals and also allows for welding aluminum.

Cons of MIG welds.

– Metal needs to be well cleaned and prepped before welding
– Possibility of “cold” welds where there is insufficient penetration. ( more likely to happen if the welding settings are too low
– Needs stable atmospheric conditions to prevent gasses from being blown away by the wind.
– Not very portable due to heavy gas bottles.

Pros of Mig welding

– Very clean and neat welds possible (depends on the user)
– Great for autobody work and light furniture.
– Great for heavy-duty welding.
– Less cleanup with no slag to remove.
– Easy to learn

What is a Flux Core Welder

Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) is usually referred to as gasless welding or flux-cored welding. A flux core welder is similar to MIG welding as the welding wire is fed from a wire spool through the welding cable to the arc area in the same manner and uses the same feed mechanism.

Flux-cored welding does have benefits in regards to the metals being welded. They are able to weld better over less prepared surfaces, although excessive dirt and grease should be removed. Flux core welders are also good for welding galvanized steels. In general, the finished welds are neat in appearance however there is a flux/slag coating on the finished weld that needs to be removed.

What Are The Advantages Of A MIG Welder

These versatile welding machines are now very lightweight and portable with flexibility unmatched in any other type of welder. The best Mig welder can weld mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. They can be used to weld mild steel using gas, or for fieldwork gasless flux-cored wire can be used.

Another bonus with many newer Mig welding machines is that they are multi-function welders. With these multi-function welding machines, you can MIG weld, TIG weld, and use standard electrodes all from one unit.

Whether you are at home or need it at the construction site, the MIG welder is an excellent choice when fusing metals together. With practice, they are very easy to use and will give brilliant results.

How Do Mig Welders Work

how mig welders work
The term MIG stands for Metal Inert gas. People also refer to it as Gas Metal Arc Welders or GMAW and wire feed welders. The gas used when MIG welding works as a shield at the weld site and prevents any air contamination allowing a smooth even weld. It is the most widely used welding method for construction, manufacturing, and DIY.

They are most efficient and offer more speed than conventional arc welding due to the continuous wire feed.

The best MIG welders utilize a spool of welding wire that allows for a continuous feed of welding wire to the job once the trigger on the welding gun is pulled. Once welding begins an arc forms between the work and the welding wire electrode, fusing the two metals together. At the same time, the shielding gas is also fed to the weld area keeping the weld area pure.

These MIG welders are great for home use and are the best entry-level welder if you are just starting out, which means they are quite easy to use and give a performance that is professional as well. While stick welders are also considered by many as beginners welders, you will find that the best MIG welder will surpass the versatility of a standard stick welder.

Out of all the different welding types, MIG welding for most welders is preferred for general purpose use.

Transformer or Inverter For A MIG

Inverters used in a welder tend to be more electrically efficient. This means that you are likely to get more power out of the welder for less amperage input. This is useful if you are working using the standard home power outlet. Transformers, on the other hand, while still the basis for many Mig welders are heavier and require more power to run. This, however, would not be considered as a deal-breaker, inverter or transformers still deliver the same welding function.

Which Shielding Gas Do I Need

You will need shielding gas if you are going to weld Aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel using standard welding wires. Shielding gas protects the weld pool from atmospheric contamination and will stabilize and increase the smoothness of the weld. For welding aluminum, you will need pure Argon gas. For welding stainless steel and mild steel, you can use a mix of argon and other gasses. A gas supplier can set you in the right direction here.

Welder Terms And General Considerations When Choosing A MIG

Input Power  – Input Volts

This is the power you have available from your home or workshop power socket. Usually 120 volts or 240 volts. This and the fuse amperage will determine the size of Mig welder you can use without resetting your fuse all the time.

For example, if you have a standard home power outlet of 120 volts, plus a standard fuse of say 15 – 20 amps, you would be able to run a Mig welder of up to 140 Amps quite comfortably. A MIG that is rated higher, say 200 Amps will require more power (240v) to run the machine effectively. Using a high-power welder on a low amperage circuit will likely cause the machine to trip out your power circuit when welding for longer periods, or thicker metals.

Amperage – Measurement of power

How much power you need your welder to have is determined in Amps. The higher the Amps of your Mig welder the thicker steel you will be able to weld. For example, if you need to know what Mig welder is best for auto bodywork, then a MIG with a rating of only 30 Amps would do.

For thicker material, you need higher Amperage. As a general rule, you need about 30 amps to weld every .042″ or 1mm of steel thickness. If you want to weld 1/8 inch plate or 3 mm you need 90 Amps, 1/4′ or 6mm you need 180 Amps, etc.

Power Settings – 

Power settings are important because you may intend to work on a variety of materials like Aluminum and steel plus thicknesses of materials. Go for a minimum of four welder power settings or, at least a variable control setting.

Duty Cycle – 

The duty cycle refers to the current that a welder can produce within a certain time. A welder of say 150 Amps that has a duty cycle 30 %, that has been used on a continuous weld for 3 minutes, would need to be rested for about 7 minutes before the next weld. Three minutes of continuous welding is more likely to be used in a manufacturing capacity so for the DIY welder it is probably not such an issue.

Welding Wire Spool Capacity

If you are in a workshop situation having a decent size welding wire spool is definitely a plus. For general use, I would consider a machine that can take at least a 10-pound 8-inch roll of wire. You can also use smaller 4-inch wire spools of about 1.5 lb in these machines. Smaller spools are ideal if you have site work. The gasless wire can be used here, this will make the machine light to handle and easy to set up as there is no shielding gas to cart around. The best Mig welder will handle both sizes of the spool.

Welding With Flux Cored Wire ( Gasless )

You can also weld without shielding gas, this is more suited to welding mild steel whereas you use flux-cored welding wire. Here the welding wire contains the shielding gas. I find welding using gasless wire is ideal for welding galvanized steels. For general mild steel, the weld is ok with flux wire however you do need to wire brush or grind off the flux residue that appears on the weld.

If your welding project requires a smooth finish and perhaps needs painting or powder-coating the I would opt for using standard mild steel wire and a shielding gas mix. The weld will look better and require little cleanup.

Shielding gas can be found in small or large size containers, The best way to utilize your welder and gas container is to buy or build a welder/gas cart.

Ordinary welders and even TIG welders can be a bit slow and take a long time but a MIG welder allows you better speed and performance. Also, the MIG welder requires no cleanup and gives you a higher rate of productivity.


Conclusion And General Considerations

If you are on the lookout for the best MIG welder that will go the distance then picking one from this list will be a smart choice. These are some of the best MIG welders on the market on the basis of durability, operation, and features. Be sure to adhere to all safety measures when doing any kind of welding, protective clothing, gloves, welding boots, and a quality welding helmet are a must.

Of course, there are many other MIG welders on the market with a huge variety of power settings and capabilities. In choosing which MIG welder is best, consider the work you intend to be doing. While these welders listed are mostly for DIY and small workshop work, some are also suited to light work in an industrial setting.

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