10 Best 24v And 12v Cordless Tools For DIY and The Home Workshop

best cordless tools

Battery-powered tools are continuing to take over from traditional corded power tools. There are new cordless tools coming out every year covering everything from mini engraving tools to heavy-duty jackhammers. Battery power is getting bigger and cheaper as battery technology advances at a rapid rate. In this post, we look at some of the best 24v and 12v cordless tools for DIY and for our home workshop, and how to save money by matching new battery-powered tools to your existing batteries. Are you looking for a guide to the best cordless tools for DIY and your home workshop, are you a contractor looking to start a business wanting to know what are the best tools to have on hand? In this article, we go over the top cordless tools around.

Best 24 And 12v Cordless Tools Overall – #1 Cordless Screwdriver / Drill

Without a doubt, the best cordless tools for DIY, contractors, and any do-it-yourself workshop are battery-powered screwdrivers. These are the most versatile 12v cordless tools of any power tool and can drill holes, drive almost any type of screw bit for a variety of screws and bolt types. Use cordless screwdrivers for drilling with twist drills, spade bits, hole-saws and, if your drill has the hammer drill function and the appropriate drill bit, you are able to drill into concrete, concrete blocks, and brickwork.

As a screwdriver the cordless drill is multi-functional and there are drive bits available for almost all types of screw and bolt on the market. Including, Phillips head, square head, and various sizes of Torx drives. Great for installing roofing screws on metal roofs and polycarbonate sheets, and small general-purpose hex head bolts.

Cordless screwdrivers are made by all leading power tool manufacturers such as De Walt, , Makita, Black and Decker, and Craftsman to name a few.

When buying these tools look for deals that include other tools as part of a package. The best cordless tools set will often include items such as an impact power wrench, a reciprocating saw and work light, plus the cordless driver, two batteries, and a charger.

Cordless power tool combos are a great way to get any cordless tool kit started. Most manufacturers offer several options in regard to the complexity of the combo kit ranging from a full power toolset to the basic battery drill, charger, and batteries.

How to Choose a Cordless Screwdriver / Drill Set

Cordless screwdriver starter kits are the basis of any cordless power tool setup. The basic kit comprises of the cordless drill/screwdriver plus two batteries and a battery charger. If you are intending to expand your power tool collection over time then it’s critical that you choose a well-known brand and manufacturer of cordless tools. The reason being is that you will be using the same batteries in all the other add on cordless tools that you may buy.

While there are many tool brands available, when it comes to cordless tool kits there are several that stand out as reliable, similar in price and in quality. These brands with the best drill power to consider are DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Black, and Decker, plus lesser-known brands as Hitachi, Porter-Cable, and Bosch. Any of these brands will give good service.

Choose a reliable brand as listed, If you are starting to build a cordless tool kit then start with the basic set of Driver, batteries, and charger. As you progress you can add from a huge variety of addon battery tools that can be purchased as skins, or the tool without the batteries, and use your existing batteries.

Which Cordless Drill Is Best

My preference for cordless tools is Milwaukee, the amount of work that my battery drill has done is amazing and I have really pushed it hard. This is not to say that its the absolute best cordless drill but for me, as a handyman, the Milwaukee brand has certainly proven as a solid and reliable toolset. Others will say the same and rave about DeWalt and Makita and others, for these are battery-powered tools that contractors use daily and rely upon to perform.

Just as people prefer different brands of Automobile, the same applies to power tools, once you have a good run with them you tend to stick with them. Some battery tools are just cheap and nasty and don’t have the power or durability of the better-known brands. New developments in brushless motor technology by the major brands is also a winner. Avoid the super cheap stuff, pay the extra and you won’t be sorry.

#2 Cordless Air Compressor

The next handy cordless power tool is the cordless air compressor. These are very handy around the workshop and home in general. The main function of a cordless air compressor is probably to keep your car tires at the optimal pressure (saves gas), also you can use to keep RV tires, motorcycle tires, and all your mountain bikes topped up without having to sweat over a hand pump.

Needless to say, these portable cordless air compressors are great to use to pump air into all the kids’ air-filled toys and balls, take them away on camping or road trip holidays. Having cordless power gives great peace of mind when you are far away from any mains power source.

# 3 Cordless Impact Wrench

If you are into any type of Auto or vehicle repairs of any kind the these are a fantastic cordless power tool. Used for loosening tight and frozen nuts is a real problem with the wrong gear. Slipping spanners and socket tools are sometimes just not up to the task and can result in barked knuckles or busted fingers.

The new breed of cordless impact wrenches with powerful lithium-ion batteries are more than a match for any frozen bolts and nuts, plus makes the general doing and undoing of nuts and bolts a quick and easy process. For battery compatibility of cordless drills, Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Makita all have cordless impact wrench add-ons.

#4 Cordless Framing Nailer

Has there ever been a better cordless power tools than the cordless framing nailer? These tools are great for any construction projects, used on building sites and DIY projects they will deal with general framing and any trim work that is needed. Powered with high capacity lithium-ion batteries they contain all the features of a pneumatic nailer but have the freedom and portability of being cordless. You can take on jobs without any leads or air source attached.

Cordless nailers have compatible tool batteries from brands including Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Porter-Cable, and Hitachi -Metabo. For a stand-alone cordless nailer, the Paslode brand has been the go-to nailer for many professionals.

#5 Cordless Circular Saw

Milwaukee battery powered circular saw
Milwaukee battery powered circular saw

Another must-have for DIY or small business contractor. Adding a cordless circular saw to the tool kit is something you won’t regret. For outdoor jobs, landscaping, renovations, or fine furniture work these are extremely handy. The battery saw add-ons are available for all the best battery power brands with lithium-ion batteries.

These cordless circular saws, while being powerful and accurate do feel a lot safer than a standard corded model. Corded power saws have a great deal of torque whereas the cordless variety not so much and will stall if the cut is jamming, whereas the more powerful corded saw is more likely to buck or kick back and a dangerous manner. For this reason, the cordless circular saw would be the best cordless power tool for work safety.

#6 Cordless Angle Grinder

Similar in a way to the circular saw as far as a safer tool than its corded counterpart. less torque from the cordless angle grinder means the likelihood of any serious kickback is lessened. Anyone who has used a corded angle grinder will likely know of the risks they have with a jammed cut, blades can disintegrate and the kickback is severe.

Cordless angle grinders are magic for DIY, site work, and general engineering. The less you have to deal with mains power with these kinds of power tools the better, plus having the added bonus of using your existing lithium-ion batteries. All major brand cordless power manufacturers have angle grinder add-ons for purchase.

#7 Cordless ChainSaw

The cordless chainsaw may not be everyone’s choice of a chainsaw. While not the best for cutting down large trees, these cordless tools do have a place in the home workshop. Ideal for light garden work such as removing smaller trees, branches, and the likes of bamboo. One of the best uses is in doing garden landscape work where the cutting of timber sleepers, fence posts or other chunky woodworking is required.

The cordless chainsaw is an excellent environmental choice of battery power tools. Compatible battery brands with your battery drill kit include Makita, Black & decker, and Wen. There are also other specific yard and garden tools brands that are specific to outdoor cordless tools, including hedge trimmers, weed eaters, trimmers, lawnmowers, tillers, mulchers, pressure washers, and chainsaws.

#7 Cordless Soldering Irons

While cordless soldering irons are not for every workshop they do have a place for those with hobbies in electronics. If with the advances in electrical components getting smaller every day the need for smaller more intricate work becomes apparent. A cordless soldering iron fits the brief for this type of work. The other advantage of a cordless soldering tool is that it can be used in the field so to speak. This is particularly handy for those into outdoor remote control vehicles like drones, planes, cars, and boats.

Top brands such as Weller offer compact and portable soldering tools that will give 45 minutes continuous soldering from small lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. They also include led lighting for extra precision work.

#8 Cordless Paint Sprayer

How about these, just fill up the paint reservoir and you are ready to go, no leads to be lugging around! These are great for any job around the home and can get the painting jobs done fast. Specifically designed for smaller interior and exterior jobs they provide a great airless finish and are super portable.

The Top brand to look at would be the Graco Ultra cordless sprayer, this model uses DeWalt batteries as the power source so if you are a DeWalt fan then this is for you. There are a few other cordless sprayers about but seem a little obscure and cheap. Best to stick with the proven performers.

#9 Cordless Orbital Sanders

An electric sander is a must-have for any serious woodworker and having a cordless version is most liberating. More than often sanders need to get around tricky corners and profiles. A cordless orbital palm sander is ideal in this type of situation. The go-to fixing these days is a velcro backed sandpaper/sander system that makes any paper size changes a breeze.

The top brands, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, all produce a quality orbital palm sander at very reasonable prices. Adding one of these to your cordless kit is a must.

#10 Cordless Impact Driver

Cordless impact drivers are really efficient for driving different types of fasteners. These include the more heavy-duty type of timber screw bolts, decking screws, metal roofing screws, and metal stud fixings. These differ from the conventional cordless screwdriver/drill as the drill is more of a general-purpose tool. Impact drivers don’t drill, they are specifically for fixing fasteners.

A lot of cordless screwdriver/drill combo sets actually include an impact driver and its not uncommon to find a kit that contains, a screwdriver/drill, the impact driver plus 2 lithium-ion batteries, and a charger. Top brands Are Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita.

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