Best Paint Sprayer For Home Use? Here Are Our Top 5 Choices

wagner flexio 590 kit

Endless opportunities abound for homeowners as far as painting, staining, and refinishing are concerned. But if you’re anything like me, you’re not always that eager to get to work on some of those odd jobs. A big part of the reason why is the time, effort, and sometimes poor quality finish involved in doing it the old-fashioned way – with brush and roller, using a spray for painting is a far better idea. On this page, we will discover which is the best paint sprayer for home use.

Top Pick For DIYBest BudgetBest AirlessBest Cordless
best paint sprayer for home usehomeright sprayergraco_Magnum_X5graco cordless sprayer
Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint SprayerHomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer, Super Finish MaxGraco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint SprayerGraco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer
The best DIY HVLP SprayerGreat All round HVLP SprayerGraco’s Flagship DIY Airless SprayerThe ultimate battery-powered HVLP Sprayer
The Wagner flexio ranks among the best home paint sprayer for cabinets, furniture, walls, ceilings, fences, decks, and exterior siding – for an affordable priceHomeRight uses brass paint tips and nozzles, for a higher level of performance and longer-lasting. You should get plenty of value from the Homeright HVLPGraco is popular for a reason – quality! the x5 is not only for pros but is also ideal for the do-it-yourselfer and home handyman The Graco Ultra Max paint sprayer is powered by a Dewalt lithium battery and uses both water and oil-based paints

In this article, we’ve narrowed the field for you – which could spare you days of endless research plus the uncertainty of knowing what you’re getting. Choose the best paint sprayer for home use from our top 5 list and rest assured that you’re getting a solid product capable of producing excellent results – even if you’re a complete beginner.

Used correctly as a house spray painter for all types of projects, any of the following five options will give you solid value. Like any power tool, however, you’ll have to maintain it as you go to keep the equipment in good working order.

The number one problem people have with using spray painters is that the tip of the gun gets clogged. This happens, even with professionals. The key is to make sure you clear the tip whenever paint builds up around the sprayer tip. Keep a damp rag handy and continuously wipe the tip to keep it clear from the outside.

Latex paints will dry quicker than oil-based paint, so when using latex water-based paint try to be organized and complete the project reasonably quickly. This will help any drying around the spray tip area. Depending on the extent to your project, you may need to go a step further and give it a more thorough cleaning from time to time. Just remove the tip and drop it into a can of water, clean with a small brush.

It’s more challenging painting inside an enclosed area as the overspray will fill the room with the cloud of small paint droplets that move around and eventually land somewhere.

Number One: Let’s start with the Wagner Spraytech Flexio 590.

wagner flexio 590 kit
Wagner 590 Kit

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For typical home use, it ranks among the best home paint sprayer for cabinets, furniture, walls, ceilings, fences, decks, and exterior siding – for an affordable price. This is our top pick for the best paint sprayer for home use for DIY

Wagner’s Flexio 590 is good for routine DIY projects as well as fine finishing – thanks to the two separate spray units included. One unit is for fine work, the other for spray painting larger surfaces and walls. And its built-in turbine has enough power to smoothly spray interior and exterior paints and stains, without the need for thinning these materials first. This saves you time and you’ll never have to guess if you’ve got it thinned just right.

best paint sprayer for home use

With a little practice, you can get great results. On the Flexio 590 sprayer, you can set the painting spray to flow the spray pattern horizontally or vertically – in both a wide and narrow spray formation. According to the manufacturer, you can spray an area of 8 feet x 10 feet in as little as one minute using wood stain – or five minutes as a latex paint sprayer. And also allows you to spray high volumes up to 8 gallons of paint in a single hour. That’s a lot of material.

With the two spray nozzles, the Wagner Flexio 590 is good for larger projects and small ones too. You’ll probably use the larger nozzle most frequently on projects like siding and fences and get your finished applied 10 times faster. But the small nozzle works great for painting inside cabinets like a pro. It’s good for a variety of finishes too – including primer, latex paint, oil-based enamel, as well as two-in-one paints.

As with any kind of spray gun, you’ll need to clear the nozzle frequently to keep it performing optimally. And once done, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly. Fortunately, this is one of the best painting sprayers for easy cleaning, the entire paint sprayer unit can be dismantled in an orderly way to wash and clean.

Follow the simple instructions and you can get impressive results every time. As good as it is, the Flexio 590 is, it’s probably isn’t the best paint sprayer for ceilings, due to its weight. When filled with paint, it’s a little on the heavy side, and holding the gun above your head with outstretched arms will quickly wear you out. This is where airless sprayers such as the Graco magnum x5 comes into its own.

If you’re new to using a sprayer, it’ll take a little bit of practice to get the hang of it. But once you get used to having the proper paint flow and spray patterns set you’ll get the technique of even strokes down, and you’ll produce results as professional paint sprayers get. Complete with adjustable pressure and spray patterns this low-pressure HVLP paint sprayer is the perfect choice for all your DIY jobs.

Overall, the Wagner 590 paint sprayer gives you excellent value and flexibility. Once you get comfortable handling the spray gun, you’ll deliver a high-quality paint job – and save a lot of time and money. Several users have noticed that paint seems to go a little further with this sprayer – though that may be more a factor of skill and experience.

HomeRight Power Painter – Spray Gun For DIY Painting Projects

homeright sprayer

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With the HomeRight HVLP paint sprayers system, it allows you to spray a variety of materials, including latex paint, enamel, primer, chalk paint, milk paint, polyurethane, stain – and varnish too. That covers just about every type of finishing material around. And it’s one of those DIY paint sprayers that’s easy to assemble, use and take apart.

The key is to get the right thickness of material before spraying and HomeRight finish max paint sprayers help you by providing a viscosity cup. They also include a handy cleaning brush – to make cleanup quicker and easier.

HomeRight deploys brass paint sprayers tips and nozzles, which provide a higher level of performance and last longer than plastic tips. The unit has adjustable pressure and spray pattern control which not all budget paint sprayers have. It also comes with a two-year warranty, so you should get plenty of value from this home paint sprayer.

spraypainting chair

It’s lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand. The result is that the HomeRight Power Painter can be used with less fatigue than some competing models. That’s an important consideration if you see yourself doing lots of painting in the future. It’s got 400 W of power to evenly disperse any material and give you a quality smooth finish.

Controlling the quality or quantity of paint that flows through the nozzle is easy with a simple adjustment there are fewer parts involved so cleanup is easier and faster.

This may be the best paint sprayer for furniture, trim, kitchen cabinets, and any refinishing projects you want to tackle. But you can also use it to paint a room or stain a deck.

It seems to work best with thinner finishes like chalk paint, for example. Thicker finishes may require thinning to get the best results. A good thinning ratio of water-based paint, to use in sprayers for painting is about 10 to 1, however, a little experimentation is required here as different brands of paint have different levels of viscosity.

Frequent cleanups are the key to painting sprayers giving flawless spray finishing with any type of equipment. If you’re using a water-based finish, simply run warm water soapy water through the unit. For oil-based finishes, you’ll need to clean the unit with a solvent – like mineral spirits or lacquer thinner. And Use the included brush to clean the nozzle and needle. And make sure that two air holes on each side are free of any blockage. Do this regularly and your HomeRight spray painter should give you the decorator touch you’re after.

This model of house spray painter is not recommended for painting ceilings due to the risk of paint getting into the motor.

This HomeRight system is easy to use and therefore makes an excellent choice for DIY paint sprayers to get a professional finish – even if it’s your first time. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and ergonomically designed for a better grip. It also seems to work well with a wider variety of paints and finishes.

On the downside, it’s not exactly a heavy-duty sprayer. So may not be up to the task for larger, more extensive projects, therefore not the best paint sprayer for home use in that situation. You’ll also probably get better results if you continuously thin out your finishing material, although that adds time to the job. But you’ll still save way more time than using a brush or roller. It’s also a good idea to have a damp rag handy to keep the nozzle clear. Strain your finishing material before it gets into the canister and you’ll have less clogging.

Number Three: Graco Magnum x5 Airless Paint Sprayer

graco magnum x5

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Graco paint sprayers are a popular product for good reason; they work consistently well. With a Graco unit, you don’t have to worry about thinning your paints or other finishes. You can spray right out of a one-gallon can or five-gallon pail and get professional results. That’s due to the durable stainless steel piston pump and capable motor built-in.

The Graco paint sprayers have a powerful twostage turbine that powers a pump system driven by an electric motor capable of pumping at high volume from a flexible suction tube direct from the paint can. The result is a paint sprayer that performs similar to a compressed air paint sprayer that allows you to spray using a 20 foot or more air hose.

Cleanup seems faster with the Graco too. That’s because you can simply connect the power flash adapter to a garden hose and wash out the system – for a quick, easy and effective cleaning.

Another advantage Graco offers is that with airless sprayers you can spray continuously for longer periods of time. When the nozzle gets clogged (as it invariably will with any spray system) you can simply reverse the tip and pull the trigger to remove the obstruction, then turn the tip back and keep up the pace.

Some consider Graco magnum spray guns to be the best paint sprayer for the money. They seem to give you a softer spray finish (with minimal overspray) and a professional look – more easily. You can control the paint spray effortlessly with the adjustable pressure control and it fires up quickly and reliably every time.

Many pros use the Graco brand of spray equipment. But Graco is also ideal for the do-it-yourselfer, home handyman, and weekend warrior – not just remodeling contractors and home painters. and for us is the best paint sprayer for home use in this price bracket.

For best results work in a well-lit and ventilated area. You want to ensure that you maintain a consistent flow. This means moving your hand at the same speed – smoothly, continuously, and evenly.

No matter what piece of spray equipment you buy, preparation is the key. Wear clothing that you can part with once done. And cover all surface areas that you don’t want to get covered in overspray with drop-cloths secured by masking tape. And you should always wear safety equipment including PPE that includes a respirator with replaceable cartridges.

The truth is that setting up for spray finishing takes longer than it does with brush and roller painting. But that time in preparation is well invested because using paint sprayers your paint goes on up to 10 times faster. That means you could paint a 12-foot x 20-foot shed with this sprayer in half an hour – or less. And you’ll get a quality job even if you’ve never used the spray gun before. These are fantastic for painting exteriors and fences

Graco gives you great value for the money and is our choice for the best paint sprayer for home use as a general-purpose paint sprayer. You’re getting a quality product that’s durable and reliable. It’s also lightweight and easy to use. So you can get superior results with just a little effort. If results are what matter most, rest assured that with a little practice, you’ll get a smooth and evenly distributed finish on any surface.

One slight drawback is that the sprayer seems to lose some of its suction power when the paint gets down to the last 2 inches in the can. But the quick fix is to simply add more paint to the can.

Number Four Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco x7 paint sprayer

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When you step up to this model of house paint sprayer from Graco, it comes with its own cart, making it a breeze to move around as you move to cover different areas of your home or property.

This spray system gives you excellent paint flow control and consistent results. You can spray paint without ever having to thin it down thanks to the stainless steel piston pump. And being able to spray directly from the paint can or bucket makes it real easy.

Cleanup is quick and easy thanks to the power flash adapter. This accessory enables you to connect to a garden hose and wash the system out – easy peasy.

Although it comes with a 25-foot hose, you could actually use one up to 100 in length and paint homes that are two and three stories tall. This feature alone makes the Graco Magnum 262805 X7 the best paint sprayer for exterior houses, as well as large fences and decks. In fact, it’s perfect for garages, sheds, and interior walls and cabinets too.

The cart provides the added convenience of mobility. When you can easily move the sprayer around on the job, it’s less fatiguing. So you’ll tend to get more actual work done than you otherwise would.

It’s a great way to bring new life to an older deck.

Paint any home faster and easier and get a professional quality finish. Save a ton of money and do it yourself. You can even spray lacquer on furniture and cabinets and get pro results. Just remember to clean the gun with a lacquer thinner when you’re done. And use lacquer thinner to keep it performing properly.

Just a word of caution: be careful when spraying directly from a 5-gallon bucket as the hose can sometimes break free – causing a huge mess. Keep an eye on it and you should be fine.

Be sure to tarp off areas and tape the tarps down with strong tape. This spray gun has a considerable force to it and it can easily fling lightweight protective sheets around and rip them apart. Make sure everything’s covered and well protected and you shouldn’t have an issue.

Directions are clear and simple and cleanup is exceptionally easy. All you do is connect the garden hose to the inlet tube and let the system wash itself out. It’s the unit’s easiest cleanup ever when you stick to water-based finishes.

You can quickly cover a lot of areas with this system. Graco provides a sturdy build quality that should last a long time, thanks to its all-metal construction. 

Your finishes will go on much quicker and more precisely and it delivers quieter operation than other competing brands. You get zero vibration and being able to feed the spray gun directly from the paint can is a big advantage. 

Number Five: Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

graco handheld sprayer
Graco Cordless Paint Sprayer

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If you’re looking for a cordless paint sprayer that does the job – stick with the Graco brand. This cordless handheld paint sprayer is powered by a Dewalt lithium-ion battery system and provides an airless finish without thinning the paint first. 

graco cordless sprayer

It is designed for smaller projects whether you’re working on the interior or exterior of your home. What’s great about this system is that it’s so portable. You can be ready to spray in just seconds. And it gives you a great finish every time.

Even painting contractors opt for this model because they can handle those smaller spray jobs without having to haul out their larger sprayers. And this cordless paint sprayer can handle both water and oil-based products. 

Included in the box is one sprayer unit, two batteries, one tip, one battery charger, a couple of sleeves for paint, and a cloth bag to keep all the parts in one place.

This Graco cordless paint sprayer Is easy to set up, lightweight, and convenient to use. Perhaps surprisingly, it has plenty of power too. And with the two batteries supplied, you can charge one while using the other battery. So you can tackle those smaller projects and get them done in one shot.

It doesn’t seem to matter what finish you use – latex, enamel, chalk, or milk paint – you can use them all without thinners. Even oil-based finishes go on without an issue. It’s simple, compact, and super easy to use. You might want to pick up this sprayer in addition to a larger system. That way, you’ll be prepared for any paint or finishing job that arises.

The Verdict For The Best Paint Sprayer For Home Use

We’ve scoured the marketplace (o you don’t have to) and picked out the cream of the crop. Choose any of our five selections and you’ll get the best paint sprayer for home use. Just base your selection on the type of projects you anticipate doing yourself. For the best overall house paint sprayer – choose this one. The Graco Magnum x5

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