Paint Sprayers

Are you looking for paint sprayer reviews? Do you want to know what is the best paint sprayer for home use, exterior spray painting, interior walls, or the best sprayer for cabinets, trim and doors?

Spray painting any surface is fast and gives a great finish. But there are choices to make when looking for the best paint sprayer for your project so it wise to check out our paint sprayer reviews.

Basically there are three main types to look at with home and DIY spray painting.

The first is HVLP paint sprayers which are small and compact machines that are great for furniture and the like. These painters are usually hand held and contain a small paint reservoir. They are easy to use and can be used to spray both latex and oil-based paints.

The other type is the airless sprayer that is more for painting large areas such as interior and exterior walls and outdoor fences. These machines are somewhat more industrial and will get a lot of paint out quickly. They typically utilize a paint feed by way of a tube that goes directly int a paint can.

The third type of paint sprayer requires the use of an air compressor. This type of spraying is generally used for fine finishing work and is mainly used with auto and motorcycle painting.