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How to DIY is something that many people shy away from as they feel that its to difficult or would rather pay someone to help out? There are many reasons for this, time, lack of manual dexterity, thinking its to hard work, and others.

However DIY doesn’t have to be about just home fix-ups, there are many aspects of making and doing things yourself that can enrich your life in the way of hobbies and crafts. Things like growing food or brewing beer, making toys, or clothing for your kids and grandkids.

These forms of doing it yourself are really satisfying and can get you out of the hi-tech computer-based life that has become the new normal.

If anything good has come about the covid19 disaster its that people have slowed down a little, have had time to smell the roses, and hopefully realized that getting back to a simpler life has great rewards with DIY being a huge part of everyday life.

Woodworking is a great way to get started on home projects. You don’t need a great deal of space and can get started with the bare minimum of tools. 

There are many other things that can easily be done yourself without hiring a contractor, replacing fuses, light bulbs, fixing leaky tap washers, painting cabinets, fences, walls, and furniture, or repairing a broken chair, all are things you can do and save many $$ at the same time. Why not get started today.

How to Paint Laminate Cabinets

We often get queries about different painting projects in and around the home. It seems that many people are familiar with what’s required when painting interior or exterior walls and using water-based paints (acrylic). However one of the most asked questions is how to paint laminate cabinets. The areas that are the most renovated areas

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