Makita Air Compressor Reviews [Best 3 In 2021]

makita air compressor

Makita is a Japanese giant manufacturer of industrial power tools and they are known worldwide for providing a wide range of mechanical accessories. Since 1915, they have stayed on top of their air compressor manufacturing game and produced air compressors that provide maximum performance and functionality.

In this article, we will review some of the pioneering Makita air compressors, the MAC2400 big bore air compressor, MAC5200, and the MAC700. Are they robust and functional just like anyone would expect from every other Makita product? Let’s find out.

Makita MAC 2400 – Best small compressor,-small blowgun jobs,  bikes, balls, sports equipment, automotive, light truck, ATV, lawn equipment tires.

Makita MAC 5200 – Great all round compressor, small business, construction, nailers etc. Most powerful of the three.

Makita MAC 700 – Best home workshop, hobby or DIY, will handle nailers and staplers plus a variety of other uses.

Makita Air Compressor MAC2400 Big Bore

Makita 2400 air compressor

Check Customer Reviews Here   Check Customer Reviews Here

With 2.5 horsepower, the Makita MAC2400 is a beast of an air compressor even in the toughest job site conditions. Makita’s Big Bore engineered pump offers excellent power output and will handle two nailers at once. This compressor will definitely meet your standards especially if industrial-grade power and sturdiness are top of your list.

MAC2400 is equipped with a 4-pole motor that provides a huge amount of power enough to undertake massive volumes of work. This immensely productive compressor makes no noise during operation so it does not draw attention or create disturbances while being used. You will never have to worry about using it in your home, small workshop, garage, or basements.

Moreover, the rubber feet of the MAC2400 doesn’t vibrate or wobble as it operates. It also helps to suppress its noise levels by increasing stability and reducing vibrations. Should there be any accidents while using the unit, the roll cage construction offers great protection from any breakages?

small makita air compressor air guagesThe MAC2400 durable air compressor does not require much maintenance when it comes to long term use. It features a copper finned discharge tubing that spread out heat when the compressor is working hard.

It also features a cast-iron cylinder construction that decreases the amount of wear and helps the cast iron pump to last longer.

Thanks to the oil sight glass on this compressor, you can easily check the level of oil. If the pump should need maintenance, it can be accessed easily with its strategically located oil drain without taking the whole air compressor apart.

If you work in challenging job sites and you are looking for a tough air compressor that is incredibly powerful, noiseless and saves you from maintenance bills and high-cost repairs, then look no further than the MAC2400, 2.5 hp big bore.


  • Can handle tough job site conditions & heavy-duty tasks
  • Big bore cylinder and piston to provide faster recovery time and increased compression.
  • Has a high CFM rating, 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI for increased productivity
  • Features a roll cage that protects the compressor
  • Makes very little noise during operation, low amp draw.
  • Features a good tank size of 4.2 gallons.
  • The air compressor is equipped with a sight glass for easy maintenance.
  • Industrial air intake and filtering feature makes it more efficient
  • Requires very low maintenance
  • High-quality cast-iron construction ensures against decay, erosion, or aging
  • Two hose outlets provide the user with more flexibility


A bit heavy to carry around when compared to others

Some buyers complained about the insufficient tank capacity –

Mac5200 3.0 hp Big Bore


Mac5200 3.0 hp Big BoreCheck Customer Reviews Here          Check Customer Reviews Here

The Makita air compressor MAC5200 is one of the most convenient, portable industrial-grade compressors the brand has built. This 3.0 hp air compressor has been engineered for ultimate job site performance.

Specially made for automobile workshops, carpenters, or semi-professional construction workers. It works with almost every tool that you need for flooring, roofing, woodworking, carpentry, automotive, and many more!

It comes with 2 strokes big bore cylinder that ensures maximum air pump output over a little time duration with an additional 90 PSI when the CFM is increased to the maximum level. The MAC5200 also comes with a folding handle stand and 8 Inches thick pneumatic rubber tires for portability and easy transportation.

makita 5400 jobsite air compressorCompressors that require oil for pump operation usually experience oil leaks which is not a good addition to its reputation. However, the Makita Mac5200 features some high-quality pressure seals that ensure that there are no oil leaks.

Speaking of noise levels, this model is not the quietest air compressor but it is bearable and quiet enough to allow a friendly chat with a co-worker, while the tank is filling up.

The MAC5200 model can handle two nailers simultaneously. However, to do that, you have to make sure that the compressor tank is full and the compression level is at an optimal state. So if you’re looking for a tool to help you multitask on Jobsite environments, then this compressor can be your go-to choice.

This product is an ideal fit for a professional contractor or heavy-duty work within the confines of small-scale projects. You cannot use the Makita Mac5200 for industrial-scale applications.

Makita also provides a full 1-year warranty on each purchase of this air compressor.

3.0 hp Big Bore Air Compressor Pros


  • The mac5200 3.0 HP big-bore induction motor produces 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI
  • Built-in thermal load protection.
  • Built-in storage compartment conveniently stores air fittings and accessories
  • Stores 50 ft. of 3/8″ air hose
  • Finned discharge tubing for extra heat dissipation thus, less water in the tank
  • Handy Tool hangers to store your air tools
  • Makita big-bore engineered for overall good build quality
  • Builds pressure very fast and keeps heat levels low.
  • Maximizes air pump output over a minimum time duration.
  • Portable air compressor and easy to transport with roll bar handle
  • Big automotive style industrial air filter to give more efficient air intake
  • Oil sight glass and ball valve tank drain for easy maintenance and air discharge
  • Ideal for automobile workshops, woodworking projects, and construction-related stuff.
  • Full 1-year warranty


Some buyers complained about the noise.

Quite heavyweight

Not the best wheel quality

Requires maintenance over long term use.

Might be prone to Oil Leak

Mac 700 2.5 HP Big Bore

makita 700 big bore air compressor

Check Customer Reviews Here             Check Customer Reviews Here

The Makita air compressor MAC700 delivers industrial power and results with improved durability for tough job site conditions.

The Makita MAC700 is one of the top air compressors in the Amazon bestseller with a powerful engine, long-running life, and low noise. The Big Bore bringing an oil-lubricated pump and Big Bore piston for higher output for improved job site performance. The MAC700 Big Bore offers performance durability giving industrial power and results

makita diy air compressorThis compressor is a popular choice among handymen and hobbyists and it is built with high-end durable materials — including steel, copper, and cast iron — to protect it against any circumstances. This is an ideal home workshop compressor.

This Makita MAC700 Air Compressor comes with a sturdy 2.6-gallon solid metal tank that provides insistent air to the machine and ensures ceaseless performance. Thanks to the oil-lubricated pump that features a big bore cylinder, the compressor can push more air at a lower RPM.

This functional MAC700 compressor is equipped with a 4-pole induction motor as well as a direct drive which ensures a huge amount of power that is enough to undertake massive volumes of work.

This well-rounded air compressor makes less noise during use and can be used at home without disturbing the neighbors. Its low amps feature helps to avoid continuous voltage fluctuations and maintain high output.

If you are a professional worker looking for a portable compressor to carry to different job sites, the MAC700 will be a good choice. The controls are easy, it is well made, and looks good, efficient, and maintenance seems basic. It’s not the quietest or the least heavy but it is powerful and provides a good bang for your buck.


  • 2.0 hp air compressor with 4-Pole motor produces 3.3 CFM at 90 PSI-
  • The motor runs at a low 1730 RPM, results in lower noise of 80dB
  • Oil-lubricated pump for great efficiency.
  • Easy to use and suitable for newbies and experts.
  • Durable cast iron construction and cast iron cylinder reduces wear and increases the pumps life
  • Make less noise during the operation.
  • Can handle heavy-duty tasks
  • Industrial air filter for increased air makes it more efficient
  • Requires very low maintenance, includes sight glass, and tank drain valve
  • High-quality cast-iron construction ensures against decay, erosion, or aging
  • Two hose outlets provide the user with more flexibility
  • 30-day money-back guarantees and a 1-year warranty on this Makita air compressor.


A bit heavy to carry around when compared to others

Some buyers complained about the insufficient tank capacity

What is The Makita Big Bore Air Compressor

Big bore air compressors have a larger cylinder bore and piston compared to other makes of compressors of similar size. The Makita big bore air compressor motor assembly offers a cast iron pump and requires a heavy-duty crankshaft to support the larger pistons. As the larger pistons on big bore compressors push more air on each stroke, the end result is higher efficiency, quicker recovery, and lower noise as the Makita big bore needs less RPM to get the pressure up.


Anyone who uses Makita tools will tell you they are sturdy and last forever however, it is a pricey piece of machinery. These Makita big bore air compressors have been built to provide a high level of functionality and they do not disappoint.

If you care about the quality, these pioneering Makita air compressors, the MAC2400, MAC5200, and the MAC700 machines are powerful enough to perform in the most challenging work environments.

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