Husky Air Compressor Review 2021: 4 Things Know Before You Buy

What is a Husky Air Compressor? For some people, they may imagine a Siberian Husky pumping some air. Okay, maybe not, but you may wonder how these types of air compressors compare to the competitors. In this post, we’ll clear the air about Husky brand Air Compressors so you can have a better understanding of the product.

Husky Air Compressor

What’s so Good About The Husky Air Compressor?

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husky air compressors

Husky Air compressors have been around for almost 100 years, meaning that they have experience in the air compressor market. However, nowadays, they’re sold at Home Depot, eBay, and Amazon to name a few. As you probably know, Home Depot is a store designed around home improvement, its biggest competitor being Lowes. You may wonder how a Home Depot air compressor holds up.

husky 200psi compressor

Good Return Policy

With an air compressor, you want to make sure that you can return it should there be any problems. However, some compressors make it one big hassle to return it, and the policy is something you need help on. Meanwhile, Husky is a brand that has a 90-day return policy on all of their air compressor units and everything that surrounds their brand and what they offer. Not only can you get free delivery, but you can get free returns, too. If you need help returning it, simply follow the instructions. Free shipping back, and you get every dollar you spent returned. Quite simple.

The Choice Between a Portable Air Compressor And a Stationary

What makes a Husky air compressor so unique is that you can choose between portable or stationary. A portable air compressor is good for traveling. Perhaps you have a job that makes you use an air compressor. Or, you may be someone who wants to bring an air compressor in case of an emergency. Either way, a Husky air compressor has you covered.

In addition, they sell stationary. These are great for home use. If you need a powerful air compressor, Husky gives you a great product that will last you a long time.

Easy Payments

An air compressor is quite pricy, and while the Husky air compressor isn’t highway robbery or anything, these units still go for a few hundred dollars. Luckily, if you go to Home Depot’s website, you can see that they do offer monthly payments.

In addition, the website does support PayPal. PayPal does have this feature known as PayPal Credit, which lets you pay off any order above $100 with no interest, as long as you pay it off within 6 months. This makes buying a Husky Air Compressor much easier.


When you buy at Husky at the store, you may see that it’s an oilless air compressor. Some air compressors use oil, which you’ll need to change regularly, while others need little to no oil.

Having an air compressor without oil can have its benefits, but it also has a few downsides as well. One of the most notable ones, which is hotly debated in the air compressor community, is that oilless compressors tend to be louder. However, it’s noted that there are quieter compressors, especially as tech improves.

In fact, the unit does have a decibel rating that is 81 dBA. If you read a decibel chart, that’s about as loud as a piano. While not as pleasant sounding as an instrument it’s still relatively tolerable in sound.

Longer Run Times

Another feature that the Husky has is a 200 maximum PSI, or pounds per square inch. You can compare this to your average compressor, which has a max of 175 PSI.

For those who aren’t too knowledgable about air compressors, this means that any air tools you’ll use will run 35 percent longer, which is especially important if you have a job

Faster Recovery Times

Besides lasting longer, the Husky air compressor may be able to recover faster. With any air compressor, it’s always a little bit disappointing when you have to wait for it to recover. However, the Husky has a max PSI of 200, which makes it recover 36 percent faster than a 175. Less time waiting, more time doing.

Can Tolerate Cold Temperatures

While you want to keep your work area nice and warm, you sometimes can’t do that. Maybe your heater is broken, or you have to work in the winter. Husky air compressors can tolerate low temperatures, going down to -20 F or -29 C without having any problems starting.

Works With 400 Feet of Extension Cord

These air compressors are known to be quite portable. For one thing, the Husky has 7-inch wheels, which you can use to carry it around. Meanwhile, if you need to move it somewhere with no outlet in sight, the Husky can handle extension cords up to 400 ft. That’s quite long and should work for most jobs.

Takes Up Less Space

The Husky air compressor tends to be slim. The problem with some compressors is that the cylinder is fatter, which means it takes up quite a bit of space. If you have a huge garage, that’s usually not a concern, but some people have small spaces, and every inch counts. The Husky is designed to take up as little space as possible, all while providing you a quality product that will serve you well.

Can Do/Can’t Do


  • A Husky air compressor can power pneumatic tools, such as nail guns and inflators.
  • If you need help cleaning the outside of your home, an air compressor is good for blasting away dirt and grime.
  • A Husky air compressor is good for inflating your tires when you’re low on air


  • The Husky air compressor is good for home use, but not for commercial use. If you run a business where you’re filling up dozens of tires a day, it might not hold out for that, and you may need air compressors that are professional grade.
  • A portable Husky air compressor can’t be used for bigger jobs, such as powering big tools. You’ll need a bigger Husky compressor for that.
  • Husky air compressors can’t provide cooling on a hot day. If you need help with repairing your air conditioner, contact a pro.

How do You Use It?

In order to use your compressor, please follow all the instructions. It will come with a manual, which you can use to figure out any assembly instructions, safety precautions, or anything else you’re wondering about.

If you still have any questions about how to use it, call customer service. If you call customer service they should answer any questions.

Alternatively, you can email customer service. Go to their store, or go to, and learn how you can contact them.

Following a general air compressor guide can help as well. Set the compressor down, flip the switch, and the compressor should run. Read the gauge. Once it reaches the PSI capacity, which can vary, use the valve to adjust it depending on what tool you’re using it for. Connect a hose to it, connect the tool you’re using, and then use it for its purpose.

After use, make sure to clean it of any excessive moisture. Follow a maintenance instruction that has been included, too.

What do the Reviews Say?

Of course, you may wonder what reviews on the Husky air compressor brand is. The Home Depot has a decent enough reputation, but what about their lineup of air compressors?

In summary, the Husky brand has gotten mostly positive reviews on its websites. Of course, scores may vary depending on what type of air compressor you purchase, but overall, reviews are positive and their air compressors are top rated.

Most of these air compressors have 4 out of 5 stars. This indicates that the product is of high quality, but there are a few complaints with some customers. In order to get the full perspective, always sort the reviews, from high to low top rated.

Positive reviews say that this is a high-quality air compressor brand for the price. It’s able to perform well and fill up or power any tools. Another praise is that it’s a lightweight compressor, even with the bigger sizes, such as 20 gallons. If you have to move around the compressor, buying one with a high weight can be a hassle.

Negative reviews typically involve the Husky compressor having poor performance or the unit failing after little use. With any machine, there are always going to be defective units, and the people who have duds tend to be the vocal minority. However, many negative reviews say you get what you paid for when it comes to price.

Review results for Husky air compressor reviews give a mixed reception for customer service. With the Husky air compressor, Home Depot stores tend to be the people who will deal with your purchases. Some people said they were able to return their units with no questions asked. Others said they were given a hard time and they couldn’t return it.

Overall, the reviews tend to be positive, but there are some ones that are lowered rated. Sort the reviews from high to low, or low to high, and see what people are saying.

How does it Compare?

There are many air compressors out there, so Husky may not be your first choice. Let’s look at some other brands of air compressors and tell you how they compare to Husky. Which are good? Which could be better? Let’s discuss this.

Husky Vs. DeWalt

Husky and DeWalt are two brands of air compressors that are top-rated for how cheap they are, and they both come from similar manufacturers, in this case being Campbell Hausfeld. Both have units available in all shapes and sizes, for a low to high price.

Husky air compressors tend to be cheaper than DeWalt. Of course, this depends on which one you get. With that said, DeWalt compressors tend to be more powerful. If you want more power and higher pressure, pick DeWalt. If you don’t need too much pressure and want to save money, you can get Husky for the job.

Vs Kobalt

Kobalt is a brand that you can find at Lowes and, and like Husky, it’s a cheap air compressor. In comparison to Kobalt, Husky air compressors tend to be more powerful, offering a little more PSI, which can get the job done. Also, Husky tends to be a little bit cheaper. For example, we found that the 20 gallon Husky is about $20 less. Of course, shipping can change the price depending on where you buy it. Finding free shipping or free delivery is always important, especially for a cheap air conditioner.

Vs Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic

Another air conditioner that is worth checking out is Harbor Freight’s Central Pneumatic line. The Central Pneumatic line of compressors goes for a little cheaper in price, but it does seem to have its own benefits. For example, it has a little more air pressure and some customers say that the compressor fills up much faster. When you are out of air, having a compressor that fills up fast is always good.

Is Husky a Good Air Compressor?

Husky air compressors have been highly reviewed by most customers. If you need a top-rated compressor for home use, the Husky air compressor is an affordable unit to try out. For commercial use, you may need a compressor that is a little more powerful.

Otherwise, it’s a great air compressor. There’s a reason why the Husky brand is one of the top sellers. With that said, if you’re still on the fence, feel free to ask around. Be it your friends or an online community, people there can give you tips and rank the compressors from high to low or low to high.

Who Makes Husky Air Compressors for Home Depot?

A Husky Air Compressor is made by Campbell Hausfeld LLC (All rights reserved), a company known for making low price air compressors that are top sellers and top-rated. Campbell Hausfeld has been around since 1836, so to say that they have experience is an understatement.

How Much Does a Husky Air Compressor Cost?

The cost of a Husky air compressor depends on which one you are looking for. A portable air compressor is gonna cost less than the typical air compressor 20-gallon unit. With that said, the prices are cheap, with most units costing a few hundred, and the more expensive ones costing about a thousand USD. None will be free, but you can get a decent one that isn’t too high.

With that said, there’s one for every budget. You can click the “price low to high” or “price high to low” on a website and see the price of every unit, then you can get the one that fits your budget.

What Can a 20 Gallon Air Compressor Do?

Twenty gallons is about average in regards to air compressors. It isn’t the size of a portable air compressor, but a mid-range. The more gallons, the more air it can use before it has to refill. A 20 gallon is good for a lot of normal jobs, so try one and see how it works for you. You can find one of this size for a decent price.

The 20 gallon is also the perfect balance between being big, but not too big. One of the biggest praises of a 20 gallon Husky is that it manages to be lightweight. If you need a truly portable air compressor, purchase one that’s portable. However, you may find that you have to move around the so-called stationary compressors as well, so it’s worth buying one that can do that.

How Do You Store The Hose?

Some air compressors have hose storage, which can make your life a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, the Husky does lack hose storage. Most people will wrap the hose around its handle, which can suffice. However, we do hope other units have their own hose storage for a little extra convenience.

How Do You Fix An Air Leak?

Air leaks can be a kiss of death for your compressor. A leak can cause the compressor to work harder, costing you more energy and wearing down the compressor even more. It can end up costing up to 30 percent of the compressor’s output, which you can imagine is quite a bit. In the end, you may think that you should just buy a new unit. However, you can fix an air leak with ease if you know what you are doing.

Spotting a leak is quite easy. You may hear the sound of air hissing out of it. However, not all leaks are audible. You may have to search the entire unit for the leak. Some people may invest in an ultrasonic acoustic detector tool, which can detect leaks.

When you spot a leak, now what? One way you can fix it is by making the connection and tightening it. That will work if it’s in an air hose, gasket, coupling, seal, or valve. Tightening is a common solution. In fact, you should tighten the parts of the compressor regularly so that you can prevent leaks from happening in the future.
If that doesn’t work, you may have to replace some parts. With Husky, a budget compressor, some parts they use may be swapped with something that’s higher quality. Replacing certain parts with higher quality ones can prevent leaks from happening in the future. In addition, you can contact customer service to see if you can get any replacement parts. You should especially do this if you’re under warranty.

A higher-quality part can cost a little money, but it can save you some extra trouble in the long run.

Having a maintenance check every so often is perhaps the best way to repair any leaks. Spotting a problem and fixing it beforehand can stop you from having any lasting damage.

Finally, if you still don’t know what to do, you can always contact a professional to repair the unit. With that said, Husky is cheap and the cost to repair it may not be worth it. As a last resort, purchase another compressor.


The Husky is a decent lineup of budget air compressors, which can get some tough jobs done. When you buy a budget air compressor, you do get a few drawbacks, but these are few and far between with the Husky brand.

Let’s summarize the talking points one more time:

  • Husky is a brand of air compressor found at Home Depot.
  • Their compressors are cheaper, but offer various features that may make them worth it. They last a good while, take shorter times to refill, and they are quite mobile.
  • They compare quite well with the competition, having their own pros and cons compared to the other cheaper line of compressors.

So, it s the Husky worth it? We believe that it is. If you’re going to use a compressor for business, or are going to be using it a lot, you may want to go with a more expensive unit. However, for the occasional compression job, like filling up your tires or using air power tools every now and then, we think the Husky is a compressor that’s worth buying.

Head up to the Home Depot, be it in the shop or online, and see what they’re selling. Chances are, you can find a Husky for the occasion.

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