Best 12 Air Compressor Brands

air compressor brands

Air compressors are nowadays one of the most essential tools. Whether it’s for your home or industry, it is finding its relevance everywhere. Air compressors are used to perform several activities, for example, inflating balloons and tires, painting with a spray gun, and powering pneumatic tools such as nail guns, air blowguns, pneumatic drills, and hummers, etc.

With the unlimited number of air compressor brands and manufacturers on the market, it is not easy to choose the right device for your project. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to stick to renowned air compressor brands as well as industrial air compressor manufacturers that have some positive reputation and reviews from various professional users.


In this article, we have come up with a summary of:

  • The Best Air Compressors for Home Shop
  • The Best Air Compressor Under $200
  • The Best Air Compressor Brands
  • Industrial Air Compressor Manufacturers in the World and lastly,
  • The Quietest Air Compressors

We are certain that, this guide will help you to choose the best air compressor brand and manufacturer and get hold of high-quality products.

Industrial Air Compressor Manufacturers

If you are interested in purchasing an industrial air compressor, here are 12 industrial air compressor brands and manufacturers around the world that you can choose from.

Atlas Copco: Rock Hill, SC

Atlas Copco was founded back in 1873 and has been designing and manufacturing high-quality industrial air in more than 180 countries.

What they provide:

  • Portable air compressors
  • Reciprocating compressors
  • Blowers
  • Air treatment systems
  • Mining and construction equipment
  • Power tools and
  • Turbo compressors
  • Assembly systems.

Brehob Corporation: Indianapolis 

Brehob Corporation, an employee-owned company, offers you complete air compressor solutions, along with a full line of additional equipment including dryers and accessories. 

What they provide:

  • Equipment replacement
  • Repairs
  • Rentals and 
  • System audits to ensure the optimal functionality of your compressor system.

Call them today for your compressor needs. 800-632-4451

Brehob Corporation, an employee-owned company, offers you complete air compressor solutions, along with a full line of additional equipment including dryers and accessories. 

What they provide:

  • Equipment replacement
  • Repairs
  • Rentals and 
  • System audits to ensure the optimal functionality of your compressor system.

Call them today for your compressor needs.

Campbell Hausfeld: Harrison, OH

Campbell Hausfeld is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and consumer air compressors, including:

  • Durable cast iron compressors
  • Extreme, serious, and standard-duty models. 
  • Quiet and Ultra Quiet air compressors
  • Home air compressors
  • Industrial air compressors

FS-Curtis: St. Louis, MO 

Curtis-Toledo Inc has been the industry of designing & manufacturing air compressors, since 1854. 

What they provide:

  • Industrial air compressors 
  • Reciprocating air compressors. 
  • Screw air compressors
  • Portable air compressors

Curtis-Toledo Inc is ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 certified and therefore, their products are the symbol of quality and excellence. Just give them a call now and they will be ready to sort out your needs.

U.S. Air Compressor: Edina, MN

U.S. Air Compressor is well known for designing and manufacturing the highest quality of rotary screw air compressors.

California Air Compressor Company: National City, CA 

The California Air Compressor brand is your full-service facility in industrial air compressors, with over 20 years’ experience.

What they provide:

  • Portable air compressors
  • Reciprocating compressors
  • Customized models and
  • Rotary screw air compressors
  • Air drying and filtration units

Rolair Systems: Hustisford, WI

Rolair Systems designs and manufactures the Rol-Air brand of air compressors.

What they provide:

  • 1/2 to 20 HP Air compressors
  • Single and two-stage air compressors
  • Electric air compressors
  • Portable and stationary models
  • Gas air compressors
  • Oil-free and splash lubricated air compressors
  • Belt and direct drive air compressors

Bostitch Air Compressors

For home or shop use, Bostitch is one of the best air compressor brands that are of superior quality.

What they provide:

  • Lightweight compressors 
  • Oil-free compressors and 
  • CAP1512-OF, a famous product for home use.
  • Compressors that run off outlets of the standard household as they require a low amp
Bostitch brand air compressor


Siemens was established in the year 1847, in Munich, Germany. This company has been offering services in different sectors such as infrastructure, energy, real estate, healthcare, and so on.

What they provide:

  • Integrally geared air compressors
  • Single shaft and single-stage air compressors
  • Air compressor repair and maintenance services
  • Transmission of power and medical diagnosis.
  • Turbo compressors
  • Service program
  • Diagnostic service and seal system upgrade


Sulzer was established in the year 1834, in Winterthur, Switzerland. 

What they provide:

  • HSR turbo-compressors
  • OKI aerator mixers
  • HST turbo-compressors
  • XTA and XTAK submersible aerators. 


Senco Compressors easily identifiable among the professionals because of their outstanding products. The company deals with power tools and fastening tools, which features the latest technology. 

What they provide:

  • 4-gallon tank compressors.
  • The sleeve of cast iron
  • Ball-bearing component
  • Clustered gauge air compressors
  • High air flowrate compressors: 4.1 CFM @ 125 psi.
senco air compressor brands


DeWalt is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of industrial air compressors. This company offers a variety of compressors that are of different size, power as well as tank styles.

What they provide:

  • Single-stage models: For home and workshop use
  • Two-stage models: Suitable for commercial settings, and for powering multiple tools
  • Pancake compressors have a flat tank design 
  • Hot dog compressors have either one or two cylindrical tanks and horizontal design
  • Wheelbarrow models that have handles and wheels for increased mobility
Dewalt brand dual tank air compressor

Quiet Air Compressors

Before you purchase any compressor for home or industrial use, you need to check its noise level. Noise level is given in decibels. Noise level of 60 dB and below is usually considered super quiet, 60 to 80 dB is considered quiet, while over 80 dB is considered noisy.

Working with an air compressor that vibrates a lot and produces loud sounds can lead to a hearing loss and physiological stress. Thanks for the quiet air compressors that are now available on the market. We have compiled a list of the top 10 quietest air compressors that you can comfortably afford.

  1. California Air Tools 4710 Ultra: 60 decibels, 4.7-gallon tank capacity, 1.0 Horsepower motor, and 37.5 lbs. weight.
  2. Hitachi EC28M Ultra: 59 decibels, 1-gallon tank capacity, 0.4 Horsepower motor, and 25 lbs. weight.
  3. DeWalt 200-PSI Heavy-Duty Air Compressor: 71.5 decibels, 2.5-gallon tank capacity, 1.1 horsepower motor, and 36 lbs. weight.
  4. Campbell Hausfeld 8-Gallon Air Compressor: 68 decibels, 8-gallon tank capacity, 1 horsepower motor, and 67 lbs. weight.
  5. DeWalt 15-Gallon Air Compressor: 78 decibels of sound, 15-gallon tank capacity, 1.6 horsepower motor, and 83 lbs. weight.
  6.  Hitachi EC28M Ultra-Quiet Portable Air Compressor: 59 decibels of sound, 1-gallon tank capacity, 0.4 Horsepower motor, and 25 lbs. weight.
  7. California Air Tools 4620 Quiet Air Compressor: 70 decibels of sound level, 4.6-gallon tank capacity, 3 horsepower motor, and 67.2 lbs. weight.
  8. DeWalt 15-Gallon Low-Noise Air Compressor: 78 decibels of sound level, 15-gallon tank capacity, 1.6 horsepower motor, and 83 lbs. weight.
  9.  California Air Tools 2010A 2-Gallon Air Compressor: 60 decibels of sound level, 2-gallon tank capacity, 1 horsepower motor, and 35 lbs. weight.
  10.  California Air Tools 1P1060S Ultra-Quiet Air Compressor: 56 decibels of sound level, 1-gallon tank capacity, 0.6 horsepower, and 29.5 lbs. weight

The Best Shop Air compressors

If you are intending to purchase the best air compressor brand for your shop, then you should look for a device that is:

  • Less noisy: Noisy compressors are stressful for you and your employees.
  • Portable: The compressor should easy to move around the shop
  • Compact design: Should occupy the least space in your shop
  • The compressor should be able to run all your tools.

For these reasons, we’ve put together a list of the top five air compressors that are very suitable for your shop.

  1. California Air Tools CAT-4610AC: 60 decibels, 120 PSI maximum operating pressure, twin tank, portable and 45.5 lbs. weight
  2. Ingersoll Rand 2340L5 Two-Stage Air Compressor: 200 PSI maximum operating pressure, quiet, portable, and 136 lbs. weight
  3. Campbell Hausfeld Portable Air Compressor: 68 decibels of sound, 125 PSI maximum operating pressure, 67 lbs. weight
  4. ROLAIR 7722HK28 9 HP: 9-gallon tank capacity, 90 PSI maximum operating pressure, 280 lbs. weight, and portable.
  5. Industrial Air IL1682066.MN Air Compressor: 20-gallon tank capacity, 135 PSI maximum operating pressure, 159 lbs. weight and portable.

The Best Air Compressor Under $200

Since there are multiple air compressor models in the market, it is not so easy to find a good quality air compressor brand with a small budget. Don’t worry, we’re here for you! 

We have done thorough research about the Best Air Compressor brands under $200, and this is what we came up with.

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor (CMEC6150K):


  • 6-gallon tank capacity
  • 150 PSI maximum pressure Level
  • Airflow rate rating: 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI
  • Motor rating: 120 Volts
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Oil-Free 


  • Suitable for garage work
  • The compressor gains pressure very quickly
  • Portable and easy to use
  • All the compressor parts are pre-assembled
  • Less noisy

VIAIR 400P Portable Compressor:


  • 150 PSI maximum pressure level
  • Airflow rate: 2.54 CFM @ 0 PSI
  • Motor rating: 12 Volts
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs.


  • The compressor is ideal for travelers 
  • Compact design to fit anywhere
  • Lightweight
  • Adequate air for inflating tires

California Air Tools 8010 Air Compressor:


  • 8-gallon tank capacity
  • 120 PSI maximum pressure level
  • Airflow rate: 3 CFM @ 40 PSI and 2.2 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Noise Level: 60 decibels
  • Current rating: 8.5 Amps
  • Weight: 48 lbs.
  • Oil-Free pump


  • Saves power: Runs with low ampere 
  • Portable: Has wheels to move it around
  • Less noisy
  • The compressor can be used in any place that has a socket.

Senco PC1010 Air Compressor


  • 1-gallon tank capacity
  • 125 PSI maximum pressure
  • Airflow rate: 1.4 CFM @ 125 PSI
  • Noise Level: 70 dB
  • Weight: 20 lbs.


  • Suitable for light tasks
  • Only takes less than 35 seconds to fill the tank
  • Portable
  • Vibrates less and quite sturdy

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060SP:


  • 1-gallon tank capacity
  • 120 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • Airflow rate: 1.2 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Noise Level: 56 dB
  • Weight: 29 lbs.


  • Ultra-quiet air compressor
  • Durable: Steel-made gallon tank 
  • The compressor requires less maintenance
  • Lightweight

Final Thoughts On Best Air Compressor Brands

Hopefully, our reviews have helped you learn everything about Air compressors the businesses that build them, and the best air compressor brands. Armed with this information, you should be able to find the best air compressor brands that meet your needs effectively.

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