About Us

The goal for this website is to provide information on as many DIY projects as we can find that you can use to create a better habitat for you, your family and friends.

We will look at all areas of DIY from tools and their uses, how to fix and repair common faults around the home, security, furniture building, garden landscaping, carpentry, interior decorating and much more.

Noel Davidson is the owner of this site and has been involved with metalworking, woodworking, and home renovation DIY for over 25 years, beginning in the welding and fabrication industry and later moving to carpentry, woodworking, and home maintenance. Having owned a metalwork shop fabricating wrought iron gates, fences, staircases, and Iron and timber furniture.

We will look to provide DIY projects that not only will enhance your living spaces but give you great satisfaction with what you have achieved.  Diy is such a rewarding pastime or hobby and many of your projects will be handed on to generations to come.

Having good quality guides and tutorials for various projects is important to get the best results and we will strive to deliver these guides that are easy to read and follow.

We aim to keep in touch with the latest tool and workshop equipment trends and are excited about the way technology is headed especially in the cordless and battery-powered equipment areas. Not all tools are the same and it’s our job to scour the web and seek as many reviews of tools and equipment, both good and not so good, as we can so you may make an informed decision should you be intending to buy these products.

We will cover more than just workshop tools with this site and to offer a broad range of review services mainly focusing on the home improvement categories. This site is a work in progress and will be constantly updated to keep up with the current trends in 2018 and beyond.