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HabitatDiy – Our Mission

The goal for this website is straight forward.

To provide DIY tips and guides plus reviews for DIY tools and equipment.

noel davidsonNoel Davidson is the owner of this site and has been involved with metalworking, woodworking, and home renovation DIY for over 35 years, beginning in the welding and fabrication industry and later moving to carpentry, woodworking, and home maintenance. Having owned a metalwork shop fabricating wrought iron gates, fences, staircases, and Iron and timber furniture.


For me, DIY has always been a lifestyle choice in that to build something that is unique, is quality, and is timeless – as opposed to mass-produced products that everyone has, designed eventually for landfills!  


Q. What are your qualifications?

Welding experience includes ASME section 9 qualifications for pipe welding using stick and TIG welding techniques.

My fabrication business consisted of general engineering with a focus on decorative ironwork and light structural metalwork.

With a career change, I transferred those construction skills to home renovation and furniture making, including the use of steel and wood in furniture projects.

Q. You must be getting on?

Age is just a number, but for the record, 2021 sees me at 68.

Q. What have you made? Do you have a portfolio?

Sure, see here, sadly though Ive not been one to document everthing ive made.

Q. Other Interests?

Plenty, love being outdoors, camping, fly fishing and bikepacking. Into golf, photography, hiking, making beer. HiFi audio is a big yes and have built many amplifiers and speakers over the years. Family and freinds always.