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Habitat DIY is a site for those who enjoy DIY and the rewards and satisfaction that completing a project can bring. Are you are into woodworking, construction, metalworking, welding or just around the house tinkering? If so we can help with any buying concerns you may have in regards to tools and equipment.

Doing It Yourself requires having good quality tools for the job. While your DIY equipment need not be absolute trade quality, they still need to be robust, reliable and safe to use. Our reviews are conducted by power tool experts and everyday people who have used them in real work situations. We listen to what other DIY users and contractors are saying as these are the real testers of any product. Feel free to browse our site or go directly to the category you wish to review. Happy DIY.

best cordless tools

10 Best Cordless Tools For DIY and The Home Workshop

Battery-powered tools are continuing to take over from traditional corded power tools. There are new cordless tools coming out every year covering everything from mini engraving tools to heavy-duty jackhammers.…
best small air compressor

7 Best Small Air Compressor For DIY

Having a small air compressor in your garage or workshop is a tool that can be useful in many ways. First, you don’t have to mess about with hand or…

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